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10 Things You Didn't Know About Coach Handbags

October 12, 2016 2 min read

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Without a doubt, Coach is a major player in the handbag market. Their loyal customer base persists, and it is a consistently good seller at our store and on our site. Everyone knows that the brand has been around for a while, and that there is some heritage involved. Here are some interesting facts about the company that you may not have known:  


The Company Started in Manhattan

Coach was originally called Manhattan Leather Bags, and it was founded by a group of New York City artisans in 1941.   


Coach was Once Owned by a Couple

A couple named Miles and Lillian Cahn purchased Coach in 1961. At the time of purchase, Miles had been working for the company since 1946.   

Baseball Inspired Vintage Coach Designs

The original designs were inspired by baseball mitts. Coach bags were known for their neutral brown and tan hues.  

Women's Handbags Came Later

Coach started out making men's billfolds and it was Lillian Cahn who encouraged her husband Miles to start making women's handbags.  


The Coach Logo has Been Around for a While

The brand's signature horse and carriage (also known as a stagecoach) logo was born in 1959.  


Bonnie Cashin Turned Coach Around

In 1962, Miles and Lillian Cahn hired iconic American sportswear designer Bonnie Cashin to turn Coach around. Cashin introduced bright colors and brass toggle closures into the brand's lineup. Her vintage Coach designs now have a loyal cult following.  


Coach and Coffee Cake Have Something in Common

In 1985, the Sara Lee company purchased Coach, and placed it under its Hanes Group. Coach went public on the stock exchange in 2000.  


It Created a New Product Category

Coach created the affordable luxury market segment in the 1990s. It has come to occupy a huge portion of the handbag industry.     

Reed Krakoff was Behind the Company's Success

Creative director Reed Krakoff led Coach's massive upward trajectory in the 1990s. He expanded the company's product lines and introduced the ubiquitous Signature canvas material.  


The Company Gets its Kicks

Coach purchased the Stuart Weitzman shoe company in 2015 for $574M cash. The purchase helped to diversify Coach's product offerings.  

Are you a fan of Coach handbags? What are your favorite styles?

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