90's Trends You Can Expect To Resurface In 2018

| By: Nuri Matthew

90's Trends You Can Expect To Resurface In 2018
Anybody in or beyond 20 something can remember those ghastly yet "daring" trends form the 1990's that we look back on and are left wondering, "just why?" Whether it be those vibrant color block windbreakers from '93 or those unsightly mega platform foam flip-flops you proudly sported with your gaucho pants in '99, these questionable 90's fashion faux-pas that you thought you could leave behind with your high school glory days seem to always make their way back into the latest and greatest looks of present day. Here's a look some of those 90's trends that are expected to resurface themselves in 2018!


It's the hair tie, the wrist ornament, and quite possibly the only accessory that's impossible to lose; it's the scrunchie! In 2018, you're likely to find the hip and trendy American Apparel-frequenter rocking this 90's novelty with her distressed shorts and faded high top sneakers as scrunchies are expected to make a huge comeback in the new year. DJ Tanner would be so proud.


Logic would assume that a handbag should be substantial enough in size to hold all the essentials... but when has fashion ever had to make sense? In 2018 we can once again leave practicality behind with these dainty yet slightly unconventional designer micro-purses!

Logomania Tees

You may have seen these in 2017 as Gucci couldn't seem to keep these things in stock, but logo tees are expected to leave an even bigger mark in 2018 fashion with various designer brands like Balmain hopping on board. Pull out your old faded Tommy Jeans tee and show these millennials who's REALLY fashion forward.

Prints on Prints

You thought prints and plaids would never be a thing again? AS IF! For those of us feeling extra nostalgic, expect vibrant and textured mis-matched styled prints to make their way to 2018 streetwear styles. Dare to pair your favorite tartan plaid shirt with a pair of leopard print pants and textured cheetah-print handbag because well, it's totally rad.

Vinyl Shoes

If you lived through the 90's you know there was absolutely no escaping those bulky plastic cap-toe jelly shoes that that seemed befitting for just about any occasion (open-toe jelly sandals when you were feeling fancy). Get excited, because vinyl footwear is taking new shape and form in 2018 trends like as these pointed-toe ankle booties!

Mom Jeans

Yes, mom jeans continue on their dysfunctional on-again off-again relationship with the fashion world as they're predicted to make their way back into everyday fashion in 2018. Channel your inner Ashley Banks and breakout those unsightly high-wasted tapered leg denim jeans that seem to be here to stay...for now. What are some of your favorite trends from the 90's? Get nostalgic with us and share in the comments below!

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