A Proposal for Abandoned Shopping Malls

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A Proposal for Abandoned Shopping Malls
Everyone has an abandoned shopping mall in their city right? If you live in the Midwest or Rust Belt, you probably have more than one. A lot of brands like Macy's, Sears, J.Crew, and Limited are in distress, partly because they can't compete with online behemoths like Amazon. Brick and mortar retail is fighting a loosing battle... but what will happen to the dead malls that are left after the carnage?   A recent article proposed that they be used as community gathering spots with exhibition and performance spaces. But, as a busy working mom of two I know what I would love to see... a solution to one of my weekly dilemmas.   dead mall 2   Here's my problem: I'm constantly editing my weekly grocery and shopping lists because I don't have the time (or energy) for more than one stop. I need stuff for the kids' lunches, but I also need more of those odd sized lightbulbs that fit in my lamp. And because my A/C (of course) has the most uncommonly sized intake, I can only find the right filters at home improvement stores. In the end, I don't get around to getting things that I need because groceries take precedence, and I only have time for one store.   I would love to see my floundering local mall converted into a mega destination that houses a grocery store, home improvement store, big box store, food court, and play area. Traditional clothing brands would also be in the mix, and I could get a new blouse for a night out along with a frozen pizza for the sitter. It would be a one-stop shop with something for everyone, in one climate controlled environment. How convenient would that be?   There's no doubt that some major retailers are in trouble, and there will be more abandoned malls in the coming years. They will undoubtedly be torn down to make way for new construction, but perhaps a few could be spared for this big concept? Am I alone in thinking that a lot of people could use this type of shopping destination?       *Feature image courtesy of Eddie~S viz Flickr; in-text image courtesy of Sam Howzit via Flickr

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