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Androgynous Fashion: Style That Bends the Idea of Gender

September 08, 2017 3 min read

Androgynous Fashion: Style That Bends the Idea of Gender

Feature image courtesy of Mark J. Sebastian via Flickr.  

If you look at fashion from the past 200 years, you'd be astounded at how time has changed the way we look and how different those older moments in fashion history compare to what we know today. In 2017, androgynous fashion is taking a stronger hold on the industry as more women (and men) break away from the style-boxes they've been placed in. A century ago, a woman showing her ankle was deemed too salacious for the public. Nowadays, trends are simply branching out in ways that allow people to truly express themselves or, to be honest, rock comfier clothing!   An offset of 2017's political movements, the fashion world is continuing to diversify the silhouettes and shapes available for men and women. In many cases, designers like Gucci are blurring the lines between traditional gendered clothing and more free-flowing pieces that can be worn comfortably by everyone.  

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Androgynous Fashion is Here to Stay

The beauty of 2017 has come from people finding ways to be more unified in the face of our sometimes-chaotic reality. As people become more and more open to finding unique ways of expressing their identity, the specifically set roles people tended to dress in are no longer a "must."   But what does the androgynous fashion trend really mean?  

It means that brands have more freedom.

A trend is something that fashion designers are always longing to be a part of or start themselves. And designers are now taking advantage of the newfound freedom in the fashion world to add their own androgynous designs to the new emerging options.   Now, just because the trend has started, emboldening some individuals to dress in accordance with their identity or preferred styles, doesn't mean society is accepting. The backlash against androgynous fashion can be stern and difficult to navigate, but thankfully 2017 has seen a renewed wave of innovative designers offering wider varieties of non-gendered style.  

It means individuals can be comfortable (literally).

One of the biggest perks of androgynous fashion is that it allows a person to be comfortable. They are either comfortable to style themselves as they see fit, but they can also be comfortable because your new clothes may just be more comfortable than your previous wardrobe!   For many women, fashion can seem like an arduous chore that requires you to slip into uncomfortable garments and throw on a pair of heels. For others, feminine dressing is an art they enjoy expressing themselves through. If you want to escape the consistent expectations of dressing a certain way, androgynous fashion could be a way for you to experiment and explore styles you may be more comfortable in.   We love that actress and model, Ruby Rose, is a groundbreaker when it comes to androgynous fashion. Unapologetically feminine and masculine, Ruby Rose tends to wear traditionally men's fashion with her own twist. In the photo below, you can see how gorgeous androgynous fashion can be with a fitted blazer and a feminine take on a button-up top as she hosted the MTV EMAs in 2015.  

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It means that people have more options.

One of the most freeing things about androgynous fashion is that it's around to stay, only developing as the years go on. Fashion-lovers are able to express themselves however way they'd like and, as more people adopt this trend, the more accepted it will become in time.   As women, the option of wearing clothing traditionally designed for men can be a freeing experience as much as it is a feminine one. Try out a button-down and cozy "boyfriend jeans" and you're ready for your own subtle take on androgynous fashion.   Celebrities, like Jayden Smith, have long been in the news for their androgynous fashion sense, for better or worse, which has put this style into the public's eye even further.  As more celebrities, style influencers, and regular fashion-lovers incorporate androgynous fashion into their wardrobes (or even their looks, with androgynous haircuts or makeup), the more different options will arise as designers react to the public's desire.  
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  Though androgynous fashion is still a budding industry in 2017, it's wonderful to see how it's impacting younger generations as they work to express themselves fully through fashion. We can't wait to see how more high-end designers continue to incorporate this movement into their future collections.   What androgynous fashion trends will you be picking up on? Is it a cute baseball cap or a dashing blazer?

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