Couture USA Copywriter Nuri Matthew: Capturing Creativity With A Pen And Paper

| By: Nuri Matthew

Couture USA Copywriter Nuri Matthew: Capturing Creativity With A Pen And Paper
Do you ever find yourself in an abrupt and unexpected pause mid-conversation because you haven't quite figured out how to express what you're trying to say? We all have. Sometimes, one of the hardest tasks we subconsciously face day-to-day is putting our thoughts into words, simply because, language is both powerful and intentional, with the ability to evoke a broad range of thoughts, feelings, and responses. In the business of designer resale fashion, being able to grab the attention of an audience full of potential customers with the written word is a task that requires a great deal of preparation, calculation, and most of all, a creative vocabulary. As the sole blogger and copywriter for Couture USA, Nuri Matthew makes it her mission to channel her passion for writing into her work, in an effort to maintain the company's positive online presence and contribute to that outstanding Couture USA customer experience. In our latest edition of the Couture USA Team profile series, Nuri shares a little more about her background, writing style, and her experience as a member of the Couture USA Team! When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in writing? I'll be honest, I had no idea that I wanted to be a writer, let alone what field I wanted to go into after college. I graduated from the University of South Florida in May of 2017 with a degree in sociology. All throughout my academic career, my major was incredibly writing intensive, with every class requiring a great deal of reading and writing. Although I wasn't necessarily thrilled to be cranking out 2-3 papers a week, I found that once I got on the topic of something I was really interested in, I really enjoyed writing about it. It wasn't until my final year in college did I say to myself "Wow, I really like to write. I should see where that takes me." How did you get your start working as a blogger? Well, like I said, by my last semester in college, I was really nervous that I was going to graduate without a plan, so I took a chance and applied for a post-graduate internship as a blogger in New York City. To my surprise, I was accepted and a few weeks after graduation, I made my way to Manhattan where I began working for an up and coming media LLC company. There I began creating a lot of pieces on topics like self-love and relationships which I absolutely loved. I became really comfortable with the writing and editing process, and decided that I wanted to continue my career on this sort of path. What interested you in the Copywriter position at Couture? So while I was working and living in Manhattan, I was constantly surrounded by designer fashion (literally Gucci and Louis Vuitton stores are as common as Walgreens in the city) and grew interested in the fashion world and all of its terms and surrounding dialogue. After networking in the city for a few months, I was approached by a Manhattan-based fashion brand with an opportunity to manage their blog and organize all of their events for New York Fashion Week. Without hesitation, I accepted, and that's where I really dove into my fashion blogging niche. I was instantly attracted the position with Couture that allowed me to work a little more hands-on with designer products and have that same creative freedom in my writing, so I returned home after my work in the city to get started. How would you describe your writing style? I'd like to think my writing is pretty light-hearted! I enjoy writing pieces in plain language that are easily relatable, fun to read, and make which ever product I'm highlighting genuinely appealing. My intention is always to create pieces that could possibly be that one pick-me-up someone might have needed during the day. Who is your favorite designer? Since I've started working at Couture, I've been exposed to so many different designers and styles that it's no longer easy to just pick one! At this point I would definitely say Gucci for their broad range of styles and concepts. How would you describe your personal style? My wardrobe is all over the place. One day I could be rocking a t-shirt, distressed jeans and pair of Adidas, the next I could be in a bright colored sundress and wedges. I enjoy clothes and accessories with a a classic simple look and a lot of wearability. Nuri's Top Designer Picks: Michele Diamond Deco watch, Dior Cateye sunglasses, Gucci 1973 crossbody, Saint Laurent studded pumps, Chanel Trendy CC Flap bag. In your position at Couture, what part of your work has been the most fun/biggest challenge? My biggest challenge has definitely been time management. Not only am I responsible for the blog, but online product description and data entry is a big part of my job too. I would say learning to organize my time effectively so that I'm always caught up in both areas has been a great learning lesson for my career. I would say the best part of my job is having fun with all the products. I mean who wouldn't want to get to work with Louis Vuitton and Chanel bags all day? What advice do you have for anyone interested in a career in writing? Whether it be blogging, journalism, or writing your own book, find topics you enjoy writing about and don't be afraid to take advantage of any opportunity you're given! Always be working to prefect your writing, and reading to broaden your vocabulary.

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