Couture USA Team Profile Series: Junior Fashion Copywriter Amber Smith

| By: Amber Smith

Couture USA Team Profile Series: Junior Fashion Copywriter Amber Smith
In the business of designer resale fashion, creative writing is required to maintain customer interest and also attract potential customers. Having the ability to sway new sales in print is important when the only way you can reach them is through a online and social network presence. The writing has to be eye-catching and powerful to be seen, which can sometimes be challenging. As a copywriter and blogger for Couture USA, Amber Smith utilizes her passion for the fashion industry and creative skills to maintain the company’s spirit through a strong online presence. In the latest edition of the Couture USA Team Profile Series, Amber shares her background and experience so far at Couture USA.

Share with us your first experience working in the Fashion industry. When did you start and what drew you to work at Couture USA?

The first experience I had working in fashion was my first retail job at 18. I worked at the local mall as a sales associate and just kept moving to different positions until I ended up at one of the most well-known brands for athletic wear and started to grow within the company. These positions gave me the opportunity to build my knowledge of fashion, so it would be easier for me to transition into the fashion industry after graduation from college. When I graduated from the University of Tampa in December 2017, with a degree in public relations and advertising, I gave myself a break to travel and work. I then got back into searching for my next move and the timing was just right because Couture USA was looking for a Junior fashion copywriter.

How did you get your start working as a blogger?

I originally started blogging my sophomore year in college for a college-based fashion blogging site. It was a digital community where fashion and beauty influencers could share their insights and offered a forum for self-expression. Before receiving this internship, I had never blogged before. It was here that I began to see that I could combine my love of fashion with what my future career in public relations and advertising. Couture USA is my first blogging experience with pre-owned luxury items and I'm excited to find my voice in this area of the fashion industry.

How would you describe your personal style?

Honestly my style is all over the place! Usually I end up seeing someone wear something on social media and then I put my own twist on it. I also try to find staple pieces that I know are timeless. I pair these classic pieces with more trendy items to give it my personal style. Everyone should have their own sense of style. Fashion is interpretive to whatever you want it to be and it has a way of being your voice. I think its important for everyone to find theirs.

Who is your idea of a fashion icon?

This is so hard because I'm a fan of so many influential people! Audrey Hepburn made me first fall in love with fashion in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey will always be one of my favorites simply because she was the icon for elegance and sophistication while also being a humanitarian and activist. Other icons on my list are Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor, Donna Summer, Cher, and Zendaya, just to name a few.

What was your first ever designer purchase?

My first ever was a bright pink Chanel Cambon bag my mom got me, with the iconic "CC" on the front right corner. I never took care f it so I think my mom actually ended up using it more. After that, the first handbag I ever purchased was a Michael Kors carryall bag in ivory and snake print with a matching continental wallet that I wanted mostly for school purposes.

Who are your top three favorite designers of all time?

This is also such a hard question for me to answer! My answer seems to change a lot, but right now my favorites are Raf Simmons, Virgil Abloh, Alexander McQueen, and Givenchy. I think fashion, especially couture fashion, is forever changing and evolving and these designers stay true to their vision and are always developing new concepts. Brand-wise my favorites are Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, and Valentino.

How would you describe your writing style?

I would like to think that my writing can be described as creative, joyful, and carefree, but my tone can always change depending on what I’m writing about. I always want to write pieces that can help or educate someone else.

Amber's Top 5 designer picks:  

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Tote, Cartier Love Bangle Bracelet, Chanel Vintage CC Pearl Long Necklace, Christian Louboutin Daffodile Pumps, Chanel Knit Beaded Dress

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