Couture USA Team Profile Series: Junior Fashion Copywriter Tiffany Perez

| By: Tiffany Perez

Couture USA Team Profile Series: Junior Fashion Copywriter Tiffany Perez

Designer resale fashion is a business that requires creative writing. In order to attract potential customers and maintain interest, you need to be imaginative and make your writing eye-catching. Putting yourself in their shoes and thinking about what would they like to read is a powerful aspect of copywriting. Having this ability to sway new sales is important, especially when the only way you can reach the customer is through your online and social network presence. As a copywriter and blogger for Couture USA, Tiffany utilizes her creative skills and blends them with her passion for the fashion industry in order to share and maintain the company’s spirit with a strong online presence. In the latest edition of the Couture USA Team Profile Series, Tiffany shares her background and experience so far at Couture USA.

Share with us your first experience working in the Fashion industry. When did you start and what drew you to work at Couture USA?

When I was 21 years old, I started working at a clothing store in the mall as a store associate and pretty quickly jumped on as a visual assistant helping the visual team on the floor and behind the scenes. It was a whole new world and interesting to learn the different styles and how to put together outfits that customers would shop. Although I primarily worked with the accessories, I was given the opportunity to put together mannequins and help set tables and displays.

In 2015, I graduated with my Bachelor’s in advertising and public relations, took a break, and the went back to school in 2017. Flash forward to August 2018, I graduated with my Master’s degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University and I was on the hunt for the next step in my career. During my search, I stumbled upon Couture USA and was instantly drawn to the business. I've always had a love for fashion since I was a little girl; dressing up with my sister or holding mini pageants with my parents. I was excited when I realized this was my next step into my career, re-igniting my passion for fashion!


How did you get your start working as a blogger?

Starting off, like most of my generation, there was Myspace and Facebook. I started to spend a lot of time on the internet and social media, particularly focusing on pop culture and following celebrities. I would jump between subjects and in college I wrote blog posts for my courses. Occasionally, I would write little posts for my Tumblr blogs depending on the subject or news at that current moment. Currently, I have two different blogs on Tumblr that are catered to different niches in pop-culture. 


How would you describe your personal style?

My style is a mix of all other styles, but I do like to stick to a more darker and edgier look. I keep an eye on upcoming trends from other countries or watch celebrities and add my own little twist to them. Sometimes, I adapt to the styles my friend's wear. Mixing and staggering my earring styles and rings is a huge aspect of my style and even throwing a hat to the mix because you can’t go wrong with a good hat. Fashion is ever changing and no one is obligated to stick to one style, so I feel like if you find what you are comfortable with, go for it!


Who is your idea of a fashion icon?

Deciding on fashion icons is so hard because I have so many! I believe that a fashion icon is someone who doesn't stick to one specific style and the style they adopt becomes a trend. I do love vintage styles because they are timeless or always find their way back, especially those who set the stage like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. The nostalgia of style is something I tend to look for when I decide on my next icon. For a few of my current favorites, there’s Emma Watson, Demi Lovato, Vanessa Hudgens, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Zendaya, BTS, and Rihanna. 


What was your first ever designer purchase?

One that I purchased myself? I think it was a Michael Kors wallet for my sister, I actually think she still has it. The wallet was a pretty nude color and doubled as a clutch for any events she attended. It was perfect for any occasion and even my mother borrowed it from time to time. 


Who are your top three favorite designers of all time?

How do you choose just three? Probably, Alexander McQueen, Kristian Aadnevik, and Zuhair Murad for high-fashion runway looks. When I talk about their looks with my friends, I usually start off by saying "I want to wear this when I become queen." Their styles are very detailed and always catch my eye. For brands, my favorites are definitely Chanel, Valentino, and Gucci. I love classic and timeless looks mixed with a bit of an edge and modern. 


How would you describe your writing style?

I would like to think that my style is ever changing, but I can always say it's relatable. I like to write creatively with a touch of conversational tones and some fun. Some of my favorite things to write are pieces where I add a bit of my comedic personality with my pop-culture knowledge. 


Tiffany's Top 5 Designer Picks:

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