Couture USA Team Profile Series: Luxury Sales Consultant Susan Wine

| By: Amber Smith

Couture USA Team Profile Series: Luxury Sales Consultant Susan Wine

In luxury designer resale, it takes someone who is skilled, enthusiastic, and goal oriented to develop a shopping experience that ensures the customer will never forget it. Couture USA sales consultant Susan Wine uses her background in luxury fashion retail and publishing to create genuine connections with every customer she encounters.


Learn more about the recent addition to the Couture USA team, Susan Wine, and her experience so far in our Couture USA profile series.


What interested you in becoming a part of the Couture USA team?

I was looking to start a new chapter, for something new, and exciting in my life. I had previously owned a retail store, had done work in publishing, working in luxury retail and I just knew it was time for a new venture. I knew this would be a new learning experience for me and I was excited to take on that challenge.


What would you say are the most important factors in providing customers with an excellent shopping experience?

The shopping experience should be fun and the customer should leave happy with their purchase. My reasoning behind my customer service is that if they come in and purchase something that they are excited about they’ll come back. I love to extend my customers wardrobe and provide them with knowledge about products.


Who do you look to as a fashion icon?

When I was younger I would have to say it was Edith Head, I loved the way she styled celebrities. Coco Chanel is another favorite for obvious reasons, she set the standard for everything in fashion. Lastly would probably be Donna Karen, her simplicity and use of fabrics made every woman feel like they could wear her clothes and feel confident in them.


What are some of your favorite things about your position?

I love helping people, I love that when I come into work I know I'll get to help someone, change their day and they leave the store happy. Especially when it’s such a warm and welcoming environment, like Couture USA. I love coming into work every day where everyone is so passionate and knowledgeable about their position.


What advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career in fashion?

Don’t quit. It is not an easy field to be in, but if your passionate about it, it’s well worth it. The fashion field will never be an easy field to pursue but whatever aspect of it your trying to be in, if you're passionate about it, you'll never work another day in your life because you'll love your job.


From your experience in retail what are some of the most important lesson you’ve learned?

Always be honest with your customers, be a friend not a salesperson. Treat your clients as you would want to be treated. Also, this is a given, but knowing your product and merchandise is the most important lesson. You can’t fully sell something to your best ability without knowing the background.


As far as what’s trending within Couture USA, what shopping or fashion trends are you currently seeing among clients?

I see a lot of Louis Vuitton purchases, those handbags never really go out of style. I’ve seen Chanel purchases amongst clients as well, to me it’s such an icon fashion house and brand to add to your collection. I believe that the pieces we sell here are investments, what you buy today is an investment in your forever expanding and changing wardrobe.


What’s the most challenging and rewarding parts of working in a customer service role?

The challenges would have to be that you have to constantly keep up with the product and trends. The knowledge you have about the product allows you to better help your clients and expand your knowledge. The rewards would be the feeling you have after helping a client that is happy with their purchase. I love helping people, and forming strong relationships with my clients.

Susan's Top 5 Picks

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