Couture USA Team Profile Series: Shipping Supervisor Angela Vanegas

| By: Tiffany Perez

Couture USA Team Profile Series: Shipping Supervisor Angela Vanegas

After waiting for so long, coming home to your package finally being delivered is probably one of the most satisfying feelings, especially if your new bag is waiting within. But behind every long-awaited package is the person working behind the scenes to ensure its secure and timely arrival. From cleaning and shipping to investigating, this person makes sure all of our products are securely packaged and sent to the right address. In this edition of the Couture USA team profile series, get to know more about the person that keeps our shipping process organized and all of our pre-loved inventory in tip-top shape, our Shipping Supervisor, Angela Vanegas!


What interested you in becoming a part of the Couture USA Team?

Truth be told, I didn’t know much about designers. When I moved to the United States, I realized that fashion is a big part of American culture. My previous career focus had been in marketing and seeing such a demand, I was motivated to be a part of a great knowledgeable company where I could learn from the business aspect of such a culture. 


How would you describe your wardrobe style? 

My style is very versatile and goes hand in hand with my mood and the occasion. I can be casual as well as elegant and classic on any given day. 


Who is your favorite designer?

My favorites are definitely Chanel and Christian Dior. I think the range of colors and styles pair perfectly with my personality.



What are some of your favorite things about your position? 

I love having to research and investigate. Playing a private detective every day absolutely makes it so much fun.


What does a typical day look like in the shipping department? 

The first thing I do in the morning is review all of the new sales and making sure each payment has been made according to company policy. Technology has brought us ahead in the market and it has changed how a business works, but it has also exposed us to fraud and theft. Once this process is done I start packing and shipping all of our new orders. I finish my day by cleaning all the new products our company has acquired in order for them to be photographed by Lydia. 


What would you say are some of the more challenging aspects while working in the fraud and shipping department? 

Having to make a choice on which sale is non-fraudulent and capturing funds is by far the most challenging part about my job.  


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What are some of your most frequently used products/methods in the product cleaning process?

The most used product is definitely baby wipes. They are gentle and easy to use on fabric and leather which helps in not damaging the item. I do use some detergents to remove stains on fabric and finalize with leather conditioner which gives the item a sleek finish.


What advice would you give to anyone that wants to keep their bags in great condition?

My best recommendation is prevention. Be careful of what is carried in your bag like liquids and ink which can be fatal for an item. Periodically clean the item and condition the leather to keep your bag looking fresh and ready to wear. 


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