Couture USA Team Profile Series: Shipping Supervisor Ruby Ducuara

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Couture USA Team Profile Series: Shipping Supervisor Ruby Ducuara

We can all agree that there is something so satisfying about coming home to find that highly-anticipated package waiting for you at your doorstep, especially if that package happens to be holding your latest and greatest Chanel bag. But behind every long-awaited package is the person working behind the scenes to ensure its secure and timely arrival. In this edition of the Couture USA team profile series, get to know more about the person that keeps our shipping process organized and all of our pre-loved inventory in tip-top shape, our shipping supervisor Ruby Ducuara!

What interested you in becoming a part of the Couture USA Team?

One of the best things about my job is the incredible learning experience it provides. Every single person I work with can teach me something valuable, and each of them can be a friend and mentor in my career… our Boutique is full of intelligent, thoughtful, and experienced people.

How would you describe your wardrobe style?

Trying to assign a label is difficult even for me. You’d think I would have figured out how to describe my style by now, but the truth is it’s always changing. I think personal style is exactly what it sounds like a personal way of dressing that is dictated by no one but yourself. It’s okay to dress girly one day and then look completely androgynous the next – it’s okay to like whatever you like. There are definitely outfits I wore even earlier this year that I might style differently today, and that’s the beauty of style, we can make it our very own!

Who is your favorite designer?

I would say Louis Vuitton is my favorite, but I also like Hermes too, I really love the variety of styles they have.

Ruby’s Top Designer Picks:

What are some of your favorite things about your position?

What I really love the most is our team, I feel like if I am at home every work day and that makes me enjoy whatever I’m doing!

What does a typical day look like in the shipping department?

Every day is a new challenge for me. I usually start by checking at the new sales online making sure that all transactions are legitimate and then shipping all of the nice products we have sold. Lastly, I finish my day with the cleaning process which I enjoy since I am the first one who sees the inventory before to be put on our website. I love to take care of every single piece and bring out the best in them!

What would you say are some of the more challenging aspects in working in the fraud and shipping department?

With hundreds of transactions happening online at any given moment, someone has to keep an eye out for fraud. As a fraud analyst, I work hard to weed out those taking advantage of stolen information or deceptive practices and spot criminal trends to prevent them in the future. Also, as a shipper, it is my responsibility to send all of our products and keep them safe. I have to make sure the customer is happy when the package is delivered and provide them a fast and pleasant service.

What are some of your most frequently used products/methods in the product cleaning process?

We like the Apple brand cleaner kit which includes leather cleaner and conditioner just to mention a few. I only use a soft, lint-free cloth to apply products. I recommend to avoid abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, and similar items that might cause damage when cleaning especially on softer leather products.

What advice would you give to anyone that wants to keep their bags in great condition?

Always test whichever cleaning product you decide to use in a discreet area first and allow it to dry naturally in a cool, clean location away from sunlight and heat. If you do not find excess color rub off or discoloration, then it is probably safe to use on your bag. Treating your bags with loving care can make a difference. Regular maintenance is the key to protecting your investment. Help your investments maintain their beauty for years to come.

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