Four Unique Bags That Will Make You Rethink Traditional Fabrics

| By: Nancy Roque

Four Unique Bags That Will Make You Rethink Traditional Fabrics
All too often, we limit ourselves to the things we're most comfortable with. When it comes to fashion, bags specifically, many people reach for leather or canvas without a second thought. After all, they're both durable materials that are historically popular with no signs of that trend stopping any time soon. However, we've come across several unique bags that should capture your attention and maybe inspire you to rethink traditional fabrics!  

The Fashionable Case for Unique Bags

If you're looking to deviate from the norm and test out a bag that isn't leather or canvas, this year seems to be the perfect time to do so! Fabrics like denim and vegan leathers are coming back into style as more and more people begin to prefer cruelty-free fashion. Even woven materials and wood are becoming huge trends when it comes to bag design.   Check out these four unique bags to see if one of these materials could be your next favorite.  

The Chanel Basket Bag

We love how diverse all of Chanel's designs are, and this adorable woven bag is no different. Perhaps one of the most unique Chanel bags we carry, this bag is picnic- and lunch-ready and has just enough storage room for your essentials.   Basket bag  

The woven material allows this bag to be structured and ultra-durable, alluding to a long lifespan and infinite wearability. If you're thinking about resale value, these are all traits to keep in mind as well, but we really love how quintessentially Chanel this bag is without being a flap or boy bag.  

 The Arc Bag

We had to mention the Arc bag as a part of our collection because of how unique and structurally beautiful it is. Made of wood or acrylic, depending on the style and color you choose, the Arc bag is part of Cult Gaia's gorgeous collection.  

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Perfect for summer and fall, we think this bag is a unique take on the "clear" bag trend that we've been seeing throughout 2016 and 2017. Thankfully, the slats are spaced perfectly to allow you to carry your phone and wallet without worry.  

Stella McCartney Falabella Bag

One of the biggest shifts in the fashion world nowadays is the interest that consumers are showing in how their favorite pieces are made—and from what.   Stella McCartney, a talented designer and daughter of Paul McCartney, is one fashion influencer who has dedicated herself to cruelty-free designs. To many people, the word "vegan" is a negative thing. To McCartney, it was inspiration to create long-lasting and beautiful bags that mimicked leather and other popular animal-based products without the environmental toll.   Boho bag   Because of how forward-thinking, and popular, these designs are, we had to include the Stella McCartney Falabella bag in this showcase. Really, you should see for yourself how high-quality vegan materials can be.  

Louis Vuitton Denim Pleaty Raye Bag

Denim is a classic material—but not so much in the bag world. For fashion-lovers looking to make a statement that's in line with the throwback and 90's-inspired trends going on right now, a denim bag could be perfect for you.   This Louis Vuitton denim mini Pleaty Raye bag is an interesting pick for how bold it is. The denim is soft with instantly recognizable LV Monograms. Featuring a chain detail, this bag is fun, flirty and durable.   LV bag   There's a reason denim is considered an "all-American" material. It's resistant to staining and wear, is able to withstand even the most strenuous activities that may cause other materials to break down, and it's a diverse fabric that matches everything.   For that reason, a denim bag could be the next piece in your collection that you find yourself reaching for almost daily.   Whether you decide to stick with more traditional fabrics or branch out and try a unique bag designed with different materials, stay fashionable and let us know what you think about these four options!    

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