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Game of Thrones Jewelry and Accessories You'll Want to Wear

September 01, 2017 4 min read

It's only been a week since the last season of Game of Thrones ended and most of us are feeling a little empty. It seems impossible that there's an entire year before we find out what happens in the North and at King's Landing. This season has been thrilling and surprising as usual, but the costume design this season was absolutely beautiful—leading us to think about our favorite Game of Thrones-inspired jewelry that seems perfectly suited to one of the world's number one shows.   To tame our Game of Thrones withdrawals a little bit, we've put together pieces that seem the most inspired by the show! Treat yourself like a queen, break the chains of fashion that have been holding you back, and enjoy!  

Fire and...Hematite

The official Targaryen house words are "Fire and Blood," but that's not very fashionable. Instead, go for a ring perfectly suited for a queen, or a khaleesi, with this John Hardy Naga Dragon ring. This unisex piece could be seen as a beautiful tribute to the strength of dragons and the gorgeously detailed designs we've seen throughout all of the seasons.   However, season 7 of Game of Thrones saw Daenerys finally entering Westeros and meeting with her biggest nemesis. Spoilers aside, the outfits adorning the khaleesi were strong, linked to her house, and intricate, which is one of the reasons we love this ring for both women and men.   john hardy naga dragon ring game of thrones jewelry   We're looking forward to seeing how Daenerys and her dragons will fare in Season 8, but, since there's a long wait for that new season, this John Hardy Naga Dragon ring is exactly what a Targaryen needs in the meantime.  

A Ruby Ring Fit for the Iron Throne

And what would a modern-day Lannister wear? Rubies. This Barry Brinkler Ruby ring is the perfect complement to the Lannister's over-the-top luxurious and statement fashion.   This season, Cersei revealed even more strong nature, which would go to any lengths to protect her family and position. This beautiful ruby ring embodies that quest for luxury and quiet opulence that the Lannister family has been set upon.   barry brinkley ruby ring game of thrones jewelry   The gorgeous gold-tone and the pink sapphires encircling the front-and-center ruby make this a one-of-a-kind, breathtaking, and royal piece to add to your Game of Thrones jewelry collection.  

Cinch in Your Style

Arya is one of the strongest and most shocking of all the characters, so this Louis Vuitton Corset Belt immediately captured our attention as a reflection of the character. Strong and structured, this belt has a corset-like detail that makes it perfectly acclimated to the Game of Thrones universe.   We love how well this belt could go with a casual summer dress or your fall looks without becoming overwhelming or too "costume-y." In fact, this belt suits so many styles that we can see Arya rocking this no matter who she looks like at the moment.   louis vuitton belt game of thrones jewelry  

Destined for Highgarden

Lady Margaery Tyrell was, unfortunately, caught up in the wildfire that Cersei unleashed in Season 6, but we thought this belt was such a great fit. Maegaery was lined up to be the next Queen as Tommen took the throne, and the people loved her.   Known for wearing colorful and light dresses with elaborate braids and accessories, this Bluemarine Coral Reef Belt would be perfectly suited for Maegaery and any women with the same delicate and alluring sense of style.   The gorgeous coral details are complemented by the royal blue leather that reminds us of the clear skies and beautiful flowers of Highgarden, making this belt a must for our Game of Thrones accessory collection.   bluemarine coral reef belt game of thrones jewelry  

Style for Strength

John Hardy is known for his structured and hand-detailed, unisex jewelry. When it comes to Game of Thrones jewelry, we can't help but find this designer to be the perfect fit. We know that Daenerys would absolutely wear pieces from the Naga collection, but this cuff is destined for another one of our favorite characters.   Jon Snow is the death-defying hero that has captured everyone's attention in both the books and the series—with his dashing good looks and mysterious past, it's no question why he's a fan-favorite. And okay, we know that, in the books, Tormund is the one who sports golden cuffs—but the detailing on this John Hardy Palu Macan cuff reminds us of Snow and his intricately carved sword, Longclaw. The perfect match for any woman or man's statement outfit, this cuff takes a page straight out of medieval fashion (which we suspect is where a lot of the costume designers drew their inspiration from).   john hardy cuff game of thrones jewelry  

Winter is Coming

Looking back at early episodes, it's hard to see how the Sansa of Season 1 has transformed into the ultimate lady boss that she was in Season 7. Having overcome basically every horrible plot from each season, the most recent episodes feature an all-black wearing, winter-ready Sansa.   These Frye Woven Leather Celeste Boots feature the perfect mix of the feminine and the strong. A woven leather mimics the armor worn by other characters and is perfect for cooler weather. The heel of these boots is a comfortable and fashionable statement whether you're walking into the hall of a great meeting or simply to meet your friends for drinks.   Frye leather boots game of thrones jewelry   Though nothing can make the new season get here faster, we think that picking out some staple Game of Thrones jewelry or a fantasty-inspired accessory could make you feel a little more connected to the series.    

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