How to Store Handbags the Right Way

| By: Brittany Andrew

How to Store Handbags the Right Way
It’s a question we receive constantly.  You’ve purchased a gorgeous designer handbag, and while you fully intend on showing it off as much as possible, you wonder what exactly to do with it on days you’re not.  It’s an excellent inquiry, as improper storage can have lasting effects on a bag.  In order to ensure that your carryall stays in the best condition possible, here are three simple tips:  

1. Stuff your bags.

How To Store Handbags   Stuffing your bag will preserve the intended shape.  However, one shouldn’t stuff a handbag with simply anything. For example, stuffing a purse with dyed clothing can cause color to transfer on to the interior of your handbag.   Or paper for instance –  While one may consider stuffing handbags with newspaper or magazine pages, these types of paper not only contain ink that could easily discolor a bag, but actually become acidic with age.  So when stuffing, we recommend using non-acidic paper as it won’t become brittle or yellow over time.  

2. Cover your bags with dust bags.

How To Store Handbags   Many designer handbags come with a dust bag.  This dust bag is your handbag’s first line of defense against scratches and scuffs when not being worn.  If your purse did not come with a dust bag, you can purchase a generic variety or utilize a dye-free pillowcase.  

3. Store bags upright, unstacked, in a climate-controlled area.

How To Store Handbags   Once your bag is stuffed and in its respective bag, it should be kept in a climate-controlled area – such as your closet.  When storing, make sure that the bag is upright and avoid stacking bags on top of one  another as piling will alter their silhouettes over time.   By following these simple storage rules, you will undeniably increase the longevity of any handbag collection.  Better yet, you'll maintain their value in case you choose to resell and/or upgrade! How do you store your purses? Any tips/tricks on how to store handbags that we've left out?

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