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Iconic High-Fashion Costume Ideas for Halloween

October 17, 2017 4 min read

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Halloween tends to bring out the inner child of many fashion-lovers. After all, it's the one time in a year when you get to dress up in pretend fashion---free of any form of judgment. Whether you want a halloween costume that is hilarious like dressing up as your favorite emoji, down-right scary like a bloody The Walking Dead zombie, or absolutely fabulous like an iconic Hollywood celebrity, there's an endless pit of inspirations for costume ideas for halloween. All it takes is a little bit of shopping---and a whole lot of creativity!   For those who want to survive halloween in style, figuring out which iconic high-fashion costume ideas to wear is perhaps the most terrifying part of the season, especially if you are a fashion-lover who doesn't like to settle for anything less than perfection. If you plan to head down the high-fashion route, a no-fail way to win "best in costume" this Halloween is to turn to old-world Hollywood glam and runway couture for some iconic high-fashion costume ideas.  

Iconic Inspiration: Karl Lagerfield

  Key High-Fashion Pieces: A fashion designer who's signature look is as iconic as the brand he designs for, Chanel Creative Director Karl Lagerfield is a high-fashion legend whose look can easily be copied for halloween. Aside from his fashion-forward suits and leather gloves, a key piece to Lagerfield's look is his black necktie. Copy Lagerfield's personal style with this crystal-embellished Vitaliano Panca black tieand layer it with a Chanel chain necklace with a signature "CC" pendant. But of course, it's not the complete look without the tinted sunglasses, like our Tiffany & Co. Charm sunglasses with a unique tortoise shell frame. For a finishing touch, drag along girl friends willing to dress up like they just stepped out of Paris Fashion Week's runway---because it's not high-fashion without an entourage of supermodels!   halloween costume  

Iconic Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe

  Key High-Fashion Piece: If you want to channel your inner bombshell, there's no better time to dress up as Marilyn Monroe than this halloween. The scene from The Seven Year Itch of Monroe dressed in a flowing white dress and standing above a New York City subway grate is one of the most beloved fashion moments in cinematic history. Not surprisingly, it is also one of the most iconic high-fashion costume ideas for halloween copied by many because it is such an easy look to put together. If you are searching for the perfect white dress, the ultra-luxurious satin halter-style dress by Halston available in the boutique only, makes for the perfect Marilyn Monroe ensemble for halloween.  

Iconic Inspiration: Anna Wintour

  Key High-Fashion Pieces: Love her or hate her, American Vogue Editor Anna Wintour is the very definition of upscale sophistication. She favors a polished look, often seen wearing a structured suit when she's not in a figure-framing dress, like this Chanel tweed jacket, and her oversized sunglasses, similar to these Chanel round frames. Of course it's not Wintour without her signature bob hair with blunt bangs, so you may need to invest in a hair wig if you are not already sporting a similar hair style. But clothes and hair aside, the only way to pull off an "Anna Wintour look" for halloween is to act like one---so bring a lot of sass and high-brow attitude to the party!   halloween costume  

Iconic Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn

  Key High-Fashion Pieces: You may argue that the Holly Golightly look is one of those "seen that, done that" looks for Halloween. But that's exactly the very definition of iconic---you wear it over and over, and it never looks dated. Every fashion-lover is all-too familiar of the Breakfast at Tiffany's scene of Audrey Hepburn, impossibly stunning in her Givenchy black dress, enjoying a croissant in front of a Tiffany's showcase window. Hepburn's classic look is one of the most iconic high-fashion costume ideas for halloween simply because it is effortless to re-create. For one, it's safe to assume that every fashion-lover owns at least one little black dress, which is a key piece of the look. But in case you need an update for halloween, this Herve Lever black dress is a great choice. While a pair of Chanel oversized sunglasses is always a nice touch, the exclamation point to this look is the multi-strand Chanel pearl necklace which sums up the level of sophistication of this look.  

Iconic Inspiration: Madonna

  Key High-Fashion Pieces: If you are feeling a rebellious streak, show up this halloween as Madonna in the 80s. At the peak of her "Like a Virgin" fame, Madonna's signature 80s look is risque and bold, but also one of the most recognizable in pop culture history. It's such an easy look to put together that it's the ideal choice when you are on a time-crunch but still need to look vogue in time for halloween. Pair a black corset with leggings, and then slap on layers of edgy accessories, such as this John Hardy Batu Bedeg cuff in sterling silver, Alexis Bitter Lucite bangleand Pianegonda diamond cross pendant necklace, to channel the rule-breaker and "Material Girl" in you.   halloween costume  

Iconic Inspiration: Elizabeth Taylor

  Key Fashion Piece: As far as old-world Hollywood glam is concerned, Elizabeth Taylor's Cleopatra look is arguably on top of the list. For some fashion-lovers, dressing up as Cleopatra is #LifeGoals. Expectedly, for halloween, the Cleopatra look is one of the most copied. The key to this look is gold, so pair your gold dress with a snake-designed cuff, a chunky necklace and this Barrera Tigers Eye gold hammered cuff.     Which of the iconic high-fashion costume ideas for halloween do you love the most? Do you have a favorite halloween costume in the past? Share them in the comment box below!    

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