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Millennial Pink: A Fashion Phenomenon

December 06, 2017 2 min read

Millennial Pink: A Fashion Phenomenon
You've seen it on walls, tv ads, in Starbucks drinks, makeup tutorials, and it has most likely consumed your instagram feed for the past year or so. Yes, I'm talking about that inescapable shade of bubblegum pink.   Labeled as millennial pink for its firm generational grasp, the Instagramable hue with an undeniably sassy and smile-inducing nature has taken new-age pop culture by storm, dominating industries like music, digital content, and especially luxury fashion.   With heightened discussion on topics like identity, many argue that millennial pink extends far beyond just a generational muse in also symbolizing a shift in social norms that veer off the course of the classic "blue and pink" gender ideology, toward a more inclusive, gender-neutral normality. As the ever-evolving world of designer fashion continues to try to tap into the appeal of younger generations, many luxury brands have embraced the postmodern cool-girl shade in efforts to develop design concepts that align with trendy millennial pink-inspired aesthetics.   Here's a look at how some of our favorite design houses have put their own couture spin on the oh so au courant shade!    
Catering to the increasingly popular soft grunge aesthetic that holds a close tie to millennial pink, Gucci released a post depicting a parking lot paved in the brand's name with a metallic pegasus parked next to a pair of millennial pink Gucci Princetown slippers. We're loving the way this shade has the ability to set a sort of soft, mystical tone that just screams Gucci!      
Giving us a nostalgic vibe, Balenciaga decided to participate in the millennial pink backdrop fun that has captivated instagrammers around the world in showcasing a vintage floral shirtwaist dress from their latest Pre-Fall 2017 collection!      
Chanel is celebrating the versatility and inclusiveness of this shade in a post shared of fashionisto Pharrell Williams juxtaposing a casual streetwear tie-dye look with a Chanel Haute Couture knit cardigan from their Pre-Fall 2017 collection.      
Although deemed the color of the new generation, Versace doesn't hesitate to give us classic 80's grunge in sharing a post of the always wonderfully eccentric Lady Gaga in a Versace vintage logo tee. Paired with washed denim, a bedazzled horseshoe buckled belt, and a funky pixie cut, this ensemble embodies millennial pink's message of fluid femininity.      
Capitalizing on the innately fun and flirty nature of millennial pink, Fendi shared a vibrant photo of their newest rendition of their Kan I bag from the Fendi Resort 2018 collection. Accentuating additional playfulness, the brand name is outlined in youthful bubble letters and filled in with silver studs.       An interesting combination of dainty, bold, mysterious, and slightly political, it is evident that the ineluctable aesthetic sensation is here to stay.    

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