Our 2017 Haute Couture Week Recap

| By: Nancy Roque

Our 2017 Haute Couture Week Recap
The 2017 Haute Couture week has come to a close and some of our favorite designers debuted their newest collections - with an otherworldly twist. As usual, 2017 Haute Couture shows dared to go beyond all expectations. So, to give you a concentrated look at our top picks for the best shows of this year's Paris Haute Couture week, we've put together this top-4 recap for you!

Chanel's 2017 Haute Couture Week Showcase

Ever-popular, Chanel has been all over the fashion news more so than usual over the past few weeks. Last week, Karl Lagerfeld was honored with Paris' highest honor, La Medaille Grand Vermeil de la Ville, and that was only the beginning of the beautiful theatrics from this year's Haute Couture shows. This year's Chanel show was nothing but breathtaking and classic. We're seeing Chanel incorporate shimmering fabric and stiff construction with high collars and oversized earrings.

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Dior's Classicly-Inspired Show

Dior wowed crowds with their beautifully designed set, complete with wooden giraffe statues. Through the towering set walked models dressed in loose, flowing fabrics that simultaneously recalled renaissance, 1920's, and futuristic silhouettes.  This show was one of our favorites because of the diversity of styles and fabrics incorporated into this Dior collection – and it was a perfect scenario where the collection and set were delightfully complementary.  
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Armani Looks Toward The Future

This year, Armani seemed to look toward the future for inspiration with this latest collection. Showcasing a predilection for the dramatic and morose, Dior constructed a collection made of sheer black fabrics, metallic details, and glittering accessories. Though the overall tone of this collection is dark, the colors incorporated into each piece via accessories or crystals attached to each outfit took these designs to an awe-inspiring level.

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Our Favorite: Iris van Herpen

The 2017 Haute Couture week was full of risk-taking designs, but our favorite had to be the collection of looks put together by Iris van Herpen. With the most futuristic and inventive looks, this collection clothed models in wires, spiraling designs, and geometric designs. Known for her unique collections, Iris van Herpen seemed to take things to the next level, even including a caged dress of wire-flowers that encased the model delicately. For these reasons, this collection quickly became our top choice for a fashion favorite this year.  
Thankfully for fashion lovers, a new wave of fashion weeks are about to kick off and give us more looks at upcoming trends, new risks that designers will be taken, and surely more collaborations. Which one was your favorite?   Cover image adapted courtesy of IQRemix via Flickr.

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