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Our Favorite New Designer T-Shirts

February 15, 2017 2 min read

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Designer t-shirts are having a major moment, and with graphics that range from political to quirky, we expect to see a lot more people wearing them in the coming months. We like to mix our designer tees with dressier pieces like velvet blazers and pencil skirts. We love how they can either dress up or tone down outfits, depending on how they're styled. With themes ranging from political to quotable, graphic tees do the talking for you. Check out our current top five favorite designer tees:  

Old School Inspo at Gucci

This style is a riff on the counterfeit Gucci tees that were on so many NYC corners during the 80's. This old school style is right on point in 2017, since Gucci has achieved the perfect balance of mainstream success and cult popularity. The style is tongue-and-cheek designer luxe.  

Dior Gets Political

The fashion industry has continued to voice political stances for a while now, and this Dior shirt was perfectly timed with the recent women's marches. From the Spring/Summer 2017 collection, this instantly recognizable tee looks as cute with a blazer as it does with shorts.  

Valentino Gives Us Affirmation

Born from a collaboration with punk artist Jamie Reid, this Valentino tee uses the artist's signature cut-out lettering style. We love the contrast of the light pink hue with the choppy lettering and beautiful message.  

Gucci is Blind for Love

The pussy cats are in town 😸 #backhome #blindforlove #twinning #gucci #sydneylife A post shared by Jo Walker (@byjowalker) on
We love the hand-drawn style of this Gucci tee... the design is so charmingly rough. The raglan sleeves and contrasting sleeve and neck bands give it a retro 70's vibe.  

Louis Vuitton and Supreme: Match Made in Heaven

Louis Vuitton's new Supreme line is the best designer collab we've seen in a while. The pairing of this established luxury brand with an NYC skate label was a genius idea, and this marriage of opposites hits all the right notes.   Designer t-shirts tend to have lower price points than other ready-to-wear, and they lend themselves perfectly to artfully eclectic looks. Our favorites are Gucci's Blind for Love and Louis Vuitton's Supreme tees, and we can't wait to see how people choose to wear them as they hit the streets this spring.

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