Popular Hermes Bags of 2017

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Popular Hermes Bags of 2017
Hermes is a brand renowned across the world for its quality and impeccable workmanship, its exclusivity, and, of course, its price tags. With a Hermes Birkin bag selling for more than $375,000, it's safe to say that there are buyers who are seeking their very own Hermes beauty and are willing to pay top dollar for these luxury goods. In fact, popular Hermes bags have transcended trends and have stayed relevant through the decades.   Thankfully, most Hermes bags don't come with a $375,000 price-tag, so luxury-lovers are able to enjoy the brand at price points they're comfortable with. In 2017, popular Hermes bags are still making their rounds across social media and have become staples in the collections of fashionistas from all age groups and backgrounds. That's why we've put together a list of the four most popular Hermes bags we've seen this year so far!  

The Birkin

Whenever someone mentions Hermes, the Birkin immediately comes to mind. Whether you've learned about the Birkin and its namesake, Jane Birkin, or through popular culture like Sex in the City, the Birkin is the high fashion bag to own.  


After Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas sat next to Jane Birkin on a flight, the design was created with Jane serving as the inspiration. This happened in 1981, and the Birkin bag has only grown in popularity since then, making this one of the most popular Hermes bags of the brand's history.  


  The older sister of the Birkin, the Kelly bag is a secondary favorite to lovers of the Hermes brand. Named after, and inspired by, Grace Kelly, the Kelly bag has been a luxurious staple piece since the 1930's, when it was first designed.   In France, this popular bag is often nested inside of a Birkin, which is part of a recent trend meant to show off wealth. Whether or not you decide to nest two gorgeous bags together, the Hermes Kelly is a glamorous piece that transcends seasons and day to night, giving you the ultimate versatility in luxury.  


Like many classic Hermes designs, the Constance bag comes to us from the 20th century. Designed in the 1950's, the Constance bag has remained a staple for women who are often on-the-go and need to carry their essentials in a stylish way.   Unlike the Birkin and Kelly bags, the Hermes Constance features a front-and-center "H" logo that lends more recognizability to the piece. In 2017, this bag remains one of the most popular Hermes bags due to the numerous variations and colors it has been released in, keeping it on the radar for fashion influencers and celebrities alike.  

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The Evelyne bag is a subtle Hermes creation that has captured the attention of modern women who wanted a luxurious bag that didn't need to make a big statement. Featuring an open top only secured by a slip closure, the Evelyne bag is a subtle beauty.   Featuring a perforated leather "H" on the front, this bag is roomy and perfect for slinging on when you are running errands or leaving for an event.  


Interestingly enough, the Evelyne bag was inspired by the bags used to carry horse grooming equipment, explaining the simplistic, practical and functional design. Unlike the Kelly and Birkin, the Evelyne bag was designed to be worn over the shoulder or even as a crossbody, leaving out the option to carry it on the elbow.   These popular Hermes bags have served many needs in the fashion world, thankfully, leaving us with a bag to suit our every occasion. From the ultra-luxe Birkin and Kelly, to the modernly darling Constance, and the beautifully practical Evelyne bag, Hermes continues to dazzle fashion-lovers and maintain its ultra-exclusive appeal.

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