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Sock Boots Are Going To Solve All Your Problems

April 05, 2017 3 min read

Sock Boots Are Going To Solve All Your Problems
Staying on top of trends is a little luxury most of us like having in our lives. Whether that means you hop onto classic and timeless trends, like carrying your very own Speedy, or trying some of the riskier new trends, keeping a finger on the pulse of fashion is part of a certain lifestyle. So when we saw the sock boot trend hit the runways, then Instagram, then the streets, it was clear that something was going on. This trend mixes the shock-value and relative comfort of wearing socks as shoes. Double-takes aside, sock boots are popping up in the collections of the biggest brands and the designs are getting more creative by the day. We're reviewing some of the most popular and outlandish looks created with sock boots to really get to the heart of the question: Are socks the new shoes?

Unicorn Magic with Vetements

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The hype around the sock boot trend mainly links to the fact that it puts two staple clothing items together. Vetements picked up on this and, being the fashion-forward brand they are, took it to another level. They injected some unicorn magic into the idea of the sock boot and came up with this dazzling pair: grass-green and sparkly fabric with a soccer-inspired Vetements logo. The entire look is thrown and topped off with unicorn-emblazoned Bic lighter-inspired heels. The result? Shoes that are getting Instagram comments like: "Coolest heels ever!" and "Beyonce killed these– I need them"
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The Golden Trifecta: Socks, Boots, and Pants

If you've ever wondered how you'll pair your socks, boots, and pants together into one killer outfit, fret no more. Balenciaga took the sock boot trend to another level by throwing pants into the mix. After checking out their Instagram, it's clear that these sock boots are a staple piece within their collection, as they're featured in many of their outfits. Constructed out of shiny spandex material, these sock boots are found almost exclusively in bright and bold colors. It seems like this color palette is saying: if you're going to rock such an out-there trend, you need to commit 100%.
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They're Kardashian-Approved

The name "Kardashian" can bring up good or bad opinions depending on who you ask, but the fact is that almost everyone has an opinion. The Kardashian family is a beacon of style to many, so when Kim K steps out wearing sock boots– it's a big deal.  Some say the trend even started within the Kardashian ranks, since Yeezy's block-heel boots are the epitome of the sock boot trend. 

Loving Cable Knit? There's a Sock Boot For You

The sock boot trend is all encompassing and it doesn't discriminate. So if you like working cable-knit thigh-highs into your wardrobe, there's also a sock boot that fits the bill.

Burberry's Take On the Sock Boot:

Known for being a very classic brand, Burberry took a leap into this trend and created an outlandish and totally out-of-the-norm sock boot to keep up with the times. Forgoing their revered check pattern, these shoes feature mesh, a sock-like construction, and eye-catching circular heels. Anyone who is fashion forward or likes curating a closet of pieces that double as art needs to get their hands in this pair. 

Taking on two trends at once

Over the past few months, trends kicking it back to the 90's have been all the rage. Of those, making regular items, like backpacks, see-through has been a big part of the trend. The ever-adaptable piece, the sock boot has also taken on the transparent trend. Since their debut, fashion-lovers have been picking these up left and right, including the Kardashians.
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But despite the seemingly versatile nature of sock boots, we're left to wonder if these are really worth all the hype or if it'll be another trend we look back on and laugh years later. The killer combo of socks + shoes seems to be sticking around, though, so we have to wonder if socks will really become the new shoe. What do you think? And we're dying to know if you'd wear these! Let us know in the comments below.

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