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Spring Fashion: How You Can Transition Stylishly

March 20, 2017 4 min read

It's officially spring and, for many, this is the first chance we get to push those heavy winter clothes toward the back of our closets and reach for those fun spring options. But just because it's officially spring doesn't mean the birds are all out singing and the snow has melted away. Much of the country is still feeling the bite of cold weather and the beginning of spring only marks an awkward transition phase from winter to spring fashion. Sure, the mornings and evenings may still be cold– but the afternoons are getting toasty enough to transition stylishly without sacrificing comfort and warmth when needed. To help you out, we've put together a spring fashion guide to help you move into spring effortlessly.

Transcend Seasons Snugly

Annabelle Fleur This outfit is an office-favorite for its season transcending and effortless style. Annabelle Fleur (@VivaLuxuryBlog) takes a pop of color, like this royal blue, and styles it with this season's hottest wet look leggings and a cute polka dot long-sleeved top. Paired with matching shoes and sunglasses, this look is pulled together by its details– like this beautiful Gucci Soho Disco bag.  But why does it work for winter-to-spring styling? The pops of color undeniably scream "spring," as do the sunglasses. When you pair an oversized sweater and trendy leggings, you stay on-trend and warm while giving off that sunny spring vibe.  

Break Out Those Spring Fashion Colors

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Dressing for fall and winter for the past few months means you're likely used to reaching for deeper or more somber colors, like those blacks and grays as well as muted tones like maroon. Transitioning into your staple spring style should include working bright colors, florals, and lace into your outfits even if they're still paired with your coat. Pink lace, as seen in the lovely outfit above, lavender, and pastels are all a style sensation this season.  

Take Things Back to the 90s

One thing was made clear this season in fashion week street style photos: the influence of the 90s is stronger than ever. For this season's spring style, don't be afraid to pick up on this trend and pair a warm long-sleeved shirt (bonus points for turtlenecks!) with a long maxi dress. If the weather is especially chilly, you hide some warm layers, like tights, underneath your dress and wear your winter coat without weighing down your look once you're indoors.  

Spring Is Coming

Start your day with some warming coffee☕️ picture black_itenirary® #seasonstyle #morningcoffee #wintermood A post shared by STYLE STUDIO® (@stylestudio) on
For those of you who are in the Northeast, the current winter storm might be making it feel like spring is never coming. But it is! If you're still slogging through snow, don't forget that spring fashion is still here for you– just make sure that you have the right types of layers. Fashionable heeled booties, a furry vest, lighter shirt, and ripped jeans can all pair with your heavy winter coat so that you can still feel those spring vibes even through the cold. Adding a latte doesn't hurt either!  

Go Bold with Some Flower Power With Your Spring Fashion Choices

If you're like the rest of us, floral is always a must-have during the spring. So why not go bold and invest in a staple spring jacket in a bright floral print? It's an easy way to upgrade any outfit by stepping away from your typical winter coat without sacrificing warmth. Pair this look with a subtle gray bodycon, a statement necklace, and a pair of on-trend black boots to complete the ensemble and stay stylish once the coat comes off at your destination.  

And Don't Forget Your Bag

Carrying a larger bag during the winter-to-spring transition is also a good idea if you'd like to bring additional cold-weather accessories. Scarves and gloves should never be left at home in the name of fashion, but you may want to ditch them later in the day and stowing them in a fashion-friendly bag is never a bag idea. Go for a coated canvas or nylon bag if you're around snow, since it has a tendency to damage leather and suede fabrics. Bags like the Louis Vuitton Totally, a coated canvas beauty, are a perfect choice for snowy style situations that require some extra storage space. The Prada Vela nylon backpack is also a wonderful, and basically indestructible, choice for a bag that needs to survive any weather.  

Winter-to-Spring Fashion: Florida Style

Couture USA is located in Florida, meaning we have our own version of winter-to-spring styling issues to tackle. If you're in Florida for a vacation or for life, remember that sometimes all it takes is layering a light sweater over your year-round summer clothes for when the thermometer hits that frigid 60's-70's range.  Your Floridian winter-to-spring style in a nutshell? Just take off that cardigan when needed and enjoy!

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