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Leaving Traditions Behind: Is Fashion Week Moving On?

| By: Nancy Roque

When you take a look at fashion history, certain moments seemed trapped in amber– they're timelessly groundbreaking. Fashion Week traditions have been around for so many years that it's rare for a designer to break free. These shows, like Gianni Versace's Fall 1992 Miss S&M or Alexander McQueen's It's Only a Game, stepped away from the momentary trends to make a singular statement: break traditions. Aside from these revered shows, brilliant fashion and craftsmanship typically float through a sea of traditional and expected settings. Fashion Week and all of its showings are breathtaking year after year, but often in the same ways. In...

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Is 2017 the Year of Political Fashion Statements?

| By: Nancy Roque

The volatile political atmosphere is already so deeply steeped into 2017 that it has inspired the spirit of protest to make it onto the runways of many designers during this season's fashion weeks. In the eye of history, looking back at this period of time could potentially give us insight into the way political fashion statements have been a way to unite individuals and to make a stand for different movements. There's a lot to say about the way designers have woven political statements into their shows and how the fashion choices of celebs has impacted the turmoil. Some choose...

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All-Cities Fashion Week Schedule for February 2017

| By: Ali-Amb Split

Fashion month is here, and (like you) we're ready for the latest and greatest on and off the runways. This season's shows are being held on the Lower West Side, and the two official NYFW venues are Skylight Clarkson Square and Industria. But there are also a fair amount of designers who are shaking things up by showing off-site. We'll be online every day checking out the newest and sharing some of our favorite moments on our Instagram and Twitter feeds. Just as a little extra though, we thought you'd appreciate this one-top fashion week schedule so that you can keep up with the collections as soon as they...

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