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Recycling Luxury: How to Sell Your Designer Items

| By: Tiffany Perez

To designer-obsessed fashionistas, Cleaning out one's closet to find items to resell can sometimes feel like giving up your first child. It’s guilt-ridden (I can't sell this, it's a gift!), full of indecisiveness (Yes, sell this! No, put it back!) and struggles with the fear of missing out on fashion revivals (What if this becomes trendy again?). Given all the emotional roller-coaster rides that come along with downsizing and reselling, the obvious question is: Where do you even start? No need to pop open the vino out of frustration, here are quick and easy tips on how to sell designer items.  ...

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Couture USA Team Profile Series : Luxury Sales Consultant Alina Kulik

| By: Tiffany Perez

In the business of luxury sales, it takes a trained and confident professional to combine their passion for style with their impeccable customer service skills to create a shopping experience equally as valuable as the product they're selling. Luxury Sales Consultant Alina Kulik utilizes her strong background in the fashion industry as a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and her charming and bubbly personality to create a fun and welcoming environment that keeps our customers coming back for more. Get to know more about our Sales Team Member, Alina Kulik, and her experience at Couture in...

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