The 2017 Menswear Trends You Need to Know

| By: Ali-Amb Split

The 2017 Menswear Trends You Need to Know

Extremely exaggerated shoulders, knee-length tunics... we've gotta admit, much of what we saw in this month's menswear shows wasn't wearable for the average guy. The shows just wrapped in Paris and are slated to start in NYC on January 30th. While we always love the artistry of the collections, they usually don't translate that easily to everyday life. BUT, we did manage to find a few buyable trends would make nice updates every man's wardrobe. Here's our short list of the best 2017 menswear trends to buy into.


Cropped Pant Lengths

Admittedly this isn't a new trend, but it's still everywhere. Long baggy pants were seen here and there, but cropped slim trousers are still very much in. Also, suiting will be huge in 2017, so if you haven't updated your suits in a while, now might be the time.  

Bold Stripes

Bold stripes were out in full force. In jewel tones like red, blue, and yellow, some of these new sweaters are an updated nod to the 90s, while others have a Beatnik vibe.  


The overall mood in the collections was somber, due in no small part to the liberal use of black. The black on black we saw was edgy, and it feels right for the times. Besides, it's one of our favorite colors, so no complaints here.  

Skate Punk Influence

Louis Vuitton's collaboration with downtown NYC skate brand Supreme was major news last week. Vuitton Artistic Director Kim Jones stated that he was inspired by NY club culture of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, where uptown and downtown used to mingle.  

Ball Caps

Creative Director #PierpaoloPiccioli backstage with his first solo Men's collection.

A photo posted by Valentino (@maisonvalentino) on

Caps are having a moment, but these aren't your standard ball park fare. These streamlined toppers jive with the exquisite workmanship that can be found on this level of clothing. Still, unadorned ball caps with lower price tags can work just as well.   Overall, 2017 menswear trends are about throwing casual and polished elements together in one look. Think suiting fabrics paired with knitwear, skate sneakers with dress pants, and ball caps with tailored suits. This year, rich color palettes, varied patterns, and contrasting textures are the perfect updates for a man's wardrobe.

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