The Best Gucci Bags of 2017

| By: Ali-Amb Split

The Best Gucci Bags of 2017
When it comes to the best Gucci bags, it's safe to say Gucci designs have been on the "favorites" lists of many fashion bloggers and fashionistas alike. Truth be told, they've simply been doing everything right this year—from weighing in on the biggest trends and making big statements like they did with their Coco Capitan collection. And we can't get enough!   To celebrate this incredible brand, we're taking a look at the top four Gucci bags of 2017.  

Gucci As We Know It

Since 1921, the Gucci brand has been creating beloved pieces and timeless styles that have seamlessly transcended wave after wave of trends. They have made their entwined "GG" logo an instantly-recognizable icon, and their green and red stripe motif is just as quintessentially Gucci as their elegant bamboo details.   gucci bamboo details   Guccio Gucci, inspired by the quality creations of other high-end brands of his time, set up a brand empire that continues to denote luxury and style almost 100 years later. And the fact that so many fashion lovers are doting over their new designs only points to Gucci's reign sticking around for the foreseeable future.   From 1921 to 2017, Gucci has created designs that wow us. Though some designs have been retired throughout the years, Gucci has no shortage of modern bags that we can't wait to get our hands on.  

The Gucci Soho Disco

If there's one bag that has reigned supreme over 2017, at least as far as Gucci goes, it's the Gucci Soho Disco bag. Large enough to hold all of your essentials, the Soho Disco won't weigh you down as you transition from day to night without having to swap bags.   The perfect blend of subtle branding and classic features, the stitched "GG" logo remains tonal in the same leather as the exterior of the bag, allowing the simple design to speak for itself. With a top zipper closure, this bag is safe for travel and stylish enough to stay at the forefront of fashion guru radars around the world.   Though the design of the bag itself is simple, the leather tassel detail that hangs from the shoulder strap adds a little extra drama to such an elegant piece.  

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The Jackie Bag

Gucci Jackie Bag   If you want a bag that mixes the most quintessential Gucci details, look no further than the Jackie bag. Given the name "Jackie" in 1961, after the First Lady Jackie Kennedy, this bag has withstood the test of time through its incredible design that melds usefulness with stylishness.   The perfect tote in many ways, the Jackie bag is defined by the elegant mix of leather, canvas, and bamboo detailing that allow this style to be worn with virtually any type of outfit—casual, formal, on-the-go, or even for a night out. Thankfully, this bag also comes in many colors and varieties that allow all fashion-lovers to find a variation of the Jackie that best suits their personal style.  
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The 1973 Bag

  Guccu 1973 tote   Don't be fooled by the name—the Gucci 1973 bag is anything but old school. Like many Gucci designs, the 1973 has come in many shapes and variations since it was released in 2010. Our personal favorite? The top handle tote version, which is perfect for work, travel, and social situations that call for high-end fashion and timeless design.  

The Dionysus

The Gucci Dionysus bag made its grand debut in 2015, but it hasn't waned in popularity over the years. This bag, named after the Greek god best known for his hedonism, shows off a refined yet edgy side of the brand.   Featuring a modified oroborous, this bag was first released in the staple "GG" canvas before an illustrious array of designs were released to the public. More structured than many Gucci designs, the Dionysus is the perfect accessory to add shameless glam to any look. From the stately "GG" icons to the heavy metal two-headed snake motif, this bag is anything but ordinary.   Perhaps the most important factor in this bag's staying power is the fact that it has so many variations. Black suede, mixed fabrics, mixed colors, and even embroidered patterns, Gucci essentially ensured that this design would continue to turn heads and capture hearts throughout the years.   What designs would you put into the category of the best Gucci bags? We'd love to know!

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