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The New Main Man at Tiffany & Co.: Reed Krakoff

January 31, 2017 4 min read

Reed Krakoff Tiffany
2017 is going to see a lot of big changes to the fashion world as we know it– and it's all starting with Reed Krakoff clocking in for his first day as chief artistic officer at Tiffany & Co.   We've always been big fans of Tiffany & Co., and that's why we're taking a look at the future of Tiffany & Co. as they begin a (hopefully) long-term relationship with Reed Krakoff.   So let's get into the juicy details... Here's what we know and what we predict for Reed Krakoff's work with Tiffany & Co.  

What you need to know about Reed Krakoff

  When Reed Krakoff's name comes into conversation, a lot of fashion insiders immediately think of his reputation for loving luxury at any cost.   During his time with Coach and with his own company, Krakoff was known to spare no expense when bringing luxury into the office.And he made sure his designs matched that standard as well.   His eccentric personality is well known and his bold moves have created a reputation that almost exceeds the reality. But having a bathroom completely covered in gold snakeskin is pretty eccentric, right?   On that note, you should probably know that –inside of that golden, scaly bathroom– is a "spheroid toilet" that's basically an ultra-expensive modern art piece. Think about that for a second.   Another tidbit that we found interesting is that Reed Krakoff hasn't updated any of his social media accounts since the closing of his personal brand and business venture in 2015. That's right– two years without Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  


He has quite a bit under his belt

  Despite the cult of personality that surrounds Krakoff, he does have an impressive resume of work done with brands like Ralph Lauren and Coach.   Krakoff's career began with a bang. He worked with Anne Klien and then Ralph Lauren. After that? Krakoff became the top designer of Tommy Hilfiger until 1996 . With each of these positions, it's safe to say that Krakoff added a lot to the success of each brand.   During a time when Coach was mostly known as a quintessential brand, Krakoff swept in and made it a must-have for everyone who could get their hands on one. He was there for sixteen years and gained control of their product design, merchandising, and other aspects of the business.   The result? He completely transformed the way people viewed Coach and, more importantly, how many people were buying their products. By the time he stepped away from Coach completely in 2014, Krakoff had curated his own brand under Coach and purchased it directly to maintain control of it. Although his own brand shut down in 2015, the success he accomplished with Coach, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger is obvious.   One thing worth noting, though, is that Krakoff has a lot of experience in leather goods and smaller accessories, but hasn't had a chance to dip his hands into jewelry design too much.   Working for Tiffany is going to be a marked change for Krakoff, but his creative prowess is sure to not let us down.  

A quick look at Tiffany's design history

Tiffany & Co. essentially created the fine jewelry market and stood alone as the premier company that became a favorite among the elite, US Presidents and international royalty, government departments, and people looking for give a timeless gift.   Tiffany & Co. gained a following because of the exotic accessories and gemstones they collected along with their exquisite designs.   After the company won prestige at the 1867 Paris World's Fair, Tiffany & Co. sealed their spot as one of the most respected jewelry and accessory companies in the world.   Creative design passed from Charles Tiffany to his son, Louis, and then through the hands of a few talented collaborators– notably, Paloma Picasso and Jean Schlumberger.   The latest shift in creative vision is going to come from Reed Krakoff and we're absolutely excited.  

What we're predicting for Tiffany & Co.'s Future

Reed Krakoff is great at building a brand up. Coach is the living proof of his great work and the aspirational lifestyle and image Krakoff fostered.   Here's the thing: Tiffany & Co. reported that their sales actually went down in early 2016, so it's a bold but smart move to bring in a mover and shaker like Krakoff.   Though he may do better working underneath a brand rather than his own ventures, with Reed Krakoff joining the team, it's clear that Tiffany & Co. is gearing up for a comeback.   Tiffany & Co. is all about luxury and beautiful design, two things Reed Krakoff has a definite eye for. And let's be honest, the Tiffany Diamond fits right in with the grandeur of Reed Krakoff's style and even his home!  


We've done the homework for you and  here's the bottom line: our prediction is that big changes are coming and we'll be dazzled by the upcoming collections– one of which is Lady Gaga's collaboration with Tiffany & Co. for the February 5th Super Bowl.   Tiffany & Co. jewelry is still a fan favorite and their designs made more than a few appearances at the SAG awards earlier this week, so there's no deficit in brand interest early on in 2017.  


Reed Krakoff is good at reinvigorating companies and taking them to a new level, like he did with Coach. Do you think his bold take on things will brighten the spotlight on Tiffany & Co.?  


*Feature image courtesy of Constantin Wiedemann via Flickr.

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