The Top 3 Resort 2017 Collections

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The Top 3 Resort 2017 Collections

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You may have heard some buzz about the recent Resort 2017 collections, with Louis Vuitton in particular getting a lot of media coverage. LV staged the show in Brazil, which has been one of the epicenters of recent news with the upcoming Olympics, Zika virus, and ongoing financial and political crisis. Gucci, on the other hand, chose to show in London's Westminster Abbey. Chanel's early resort showing last month in Cuba received a huge amount of coverage as well. With all of these exotic locales and rampant PR, it seems as though all of the main brands are vying for their slice of the social media pie. But what about the collections... after all, that's what it's all about right? Here's our rundown of the three most talked about shows:  


#1: Louis Vuitton


#LVCruise 2017 by @nicolasghesquiere in #RiodeJaneiro

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Nicolas Ghesquiere has been at the creative helm for a little while now, and his distinctive style has been redefining the brand's ready-to-wear collections. He is a master of creating memorable looks, and has an undeniable creative genius. In this Resort collection, he had his finger on the pulse of a younger generation who favors sports and streetwear-inspired silhouettes. There was also an LV boombox handbag that, thanks to Bluetooth technology, actually played music. The construction techniques were complex, and the clothing was inventive. However, this was a collection geared towards a decidedly younger customer and it left us wishing there was something for those of us who are over 30.  

#2: Gucci


Alessandro Michele's collection was (thankfully) not constrained by age. This was partially due to his eclectic inspirations that transcended everything, often even gender. His silhouettes provided the coverage that an older customer is looking for, but they were covered in decidedly youthful motifs. Each of his boldly styled pieces could easily be toned down and worn separately. His color and pattern combinations called to mind other designers (Westwood, Jacobs) who are masters of mixing luxury into the offbeat.  

#3: Fendi


Karl Lagerfeld's newest Fendi collection was refreshingly elegant, wearable, and all-around spot-on. Just last month he debuted a Chanel collection that was the epitome of Coco meets Cuba. Now with his other brand, he has done an about-face and given us something that makes us want to hop on a Vespa and cruise around Rome. This collection had influences ranging from from Asian, to folkloric, to minimalist. The one common thread was that every piece was utterly sophisticated. This is the collection that we would most love to shop. Oh, and by the way, Silvia Venturini Fendi's bags and shoes provided the perfect finishing touches.  


Do you have a favorite Resort 2017 collection? If so, we'd love to hear about it!

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