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Top 8 Bags for Your "Purseonality"

August 14, 2017 4 min read

There's absolutely something for everyone out there, and it's wonderful that we can each reflect our personalities through our style by selecting the right accessories. Purses, to be specific, are one of our favorite ways to showcase your personality and style while still keeping things useful.
Finding the perfect purse to suit your personality (or "purseonality" as we like to call it!) can be tricky, but we've put together our top eight bags that can showcase your style best, whether you're a minimalist, an edgy girl, or if you're looking to look your best at work! Keep reading to see our recommendations.

The Perfect Bag for Your Purseonality

There are obviously more personalities than there could ever be purses—because everyone is unique and so is their style! But we've narrowed down eight personality types and the bags that best suit their fashion to help you find your purseonality and the bag to help express it!  


Whether it's grabbing a pina colada after work, enjoying an afternoon walking by the beach, or simply heading out to run your errands, the Boho girl loves natural touches, simple design and functionality.   That's why this Gucci orange leather hip bamboo flap messenger bag is the perfect fit! The gorgeous orange leather has a red hue to it, making it a pop of color that isn't too far from nature's beauty. With an instantly recognizable Gucci touch, the bamboo toggle brings this design full circle.   One of our favorite things is this bag's size. It's perfect for being on-the-go while allowing you to bring your essentials, then some , without weighing you down. And, for the bohemian-lover, that kind of freedom is perfect.   purseonality gucci bag  


Nothing says "classic" like a Chanel bag. If your purseonality is yearning for a touch of elegance, look no further than a bag like this Chanel red quilted lambskin classic jumbo double flap bag.   The silver-toned metal chain is interwoven with tonal leather that simply brings the entire design together, and the interlocking "CC" logo lends the recognition that a timeless bag like this deserves. The quilted pattern is classic and adds the right amount of texture to a piece that you can carry in any situation and to your formal and more casual events...because, hey, who said casual can't be classic, too?   purseonality chanel red flap bag  


You're a fashion-lover to the core. It's likely that you keep up with the latest trends to hit the runway and you love risk-taking designs just as much as you love the classic ones. That's why your purseonality falls into the "haute" category!   Now, meet the Judith Leiber dark gray alligator briefcase, your perfect match.   This bag is the perfect blend between a classic briefcase silhouette and a construction that is nothing but haute couture. Small in size to brilliantly challenge the idea of an "everyday" bag, this Judith Leiber briefcase is designed with alligator skin to add the perfect touch of haute elegance to this piece.  
purseonality exotic bag  


Minimalism is in right now, and we can't say that we aren't on board with this trend. It's all about loving what you own and only keeping things that bring you joy. It's a way to narrow down the clutter in your household and closet—but also a wonderful purseonality of its own!   For the minimalist, this Louis Vuitton Black Epi Leather Alma PM bag is a match made in heaven. The epi leather construction lends the right amount of simple and straight-forward texture.   The Alma was inspired by the Arc de Triomphe and its beautiful structure consists of beautiful curves and a contrasting structure that has allowed this bag to be one of Louis Vuitton's bestsellers over the years.  
purseonality louis vuitton epi alma


In 2017, the name of the (fashion) game seems to be who can make the loudest statement. For someone with an edgy purseonality, the Fendi Black Calfskin Leather Monster Baguette Bag does the job. Like the rest of the Monster collection, this bag features bright details and structural elements that mimic a face on the front of the bag.   The contrasting colors and elements in this bag are absolutely eye-catching and the size of this bag makes it the perfect everyday bag to carry your essentials, whether you're headed to class, work, or the club—if you want to make a statement, that is.   purseonality edgy fendi monster bag  


We love the resurgence of hippie and 70s fashion that has been going on this year. From floral patterns to bell-sleeves, there's something for everyone with this trend! And for the lady with a hippie purse, Gucci Beige Diamante Straw Large Maui Tote Bag is the modern answer to 70s fashion.   Made with gorgeous beige canvas and natural-toned brown leather, this bag is designed with laid-back style in mind. Rope detailing adds interest to the handles and the overall pattern on the canvas wonderfully blends all the earthy tones of this bag together.   One of our favorite aspects of this bag is the size. A perfectly designed tote bag, this Gucci beauty is practical to suit all of your daily needs without leaving your love for vintage style out of the equation.   purseonality gucci boho bag  


For the forward-thinking lady, your career is everything. That's why you want to make a statement without diminishing your professional edge or carrying a bag that's simply impractical for work.   Your perfect bag? The Burberry Brown Signature Grain Leather Briefcase Bag. Delight yourself with the supple leather and classic design. It's designed with your laptop, notebooks, and essentials in mind—leaving it spacious and structured enough to suit your needs. Similarly, we love the subtle Burberry touches across this piece, allowing you to feel every bit as fabulous inside the workplace as you do outside.   purseonality burberry work bag  


If touches of feminine elegance are your thing, this Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas & Rose Ballerine Epi Saint Michel Bag is the bag for you. A perfect example of modern, preppy Louis Vuitton style, this Saint Michel bag blends iconic monogram canvas with a light pink Epi leather that's to-die-for.   We love that this bag can be carried cross-body as well as on your shoulder, allowing it to make a statement on behalf of your purseonality no matter where you go!   purseonality louis vuitton pink epi   There really is something out there for everyone, and it can be luxurious as well as a great representation of yourself. So, treat yourself and do some shopping that can keep your style yours!    

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