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MCM Worldwide: A Tribute To Bold Luxury Travel Style

October 25, 2018 3 min read

MCM Worldwide: A Tribute To Bold Luxury Travel Style

If you haven't heard of MCM, you have probably seen celebrities carrying it without knowing who designed the bag. MCM came back on the fashion scene a few years ago during fashion week in New York and has since been a brand the celebrities can't get enough of. MCM crosses the boundary between high-end fashion and street wear. The history of MCM has had major ups and downs, but by the late 90's, MCM had opened 250 stores and became a well-known luxury fashion travel brand all on its own. After experiencing company hardships, the brand came back and is now bigger than it has ever been in recent decades. 



Founded in 1976 in Germany by Michael Cromer München, MCM Worldwide  "was born out of a desire to be different and an unparalleled ambition for perfection." This luxury brand specifically focuses on travel pieces and accessories, centering on contemporary and moderns styles. The brand also constantly strives to focus on innovation with its techniques. During the brands rise, it experienced major turmoil and the founder was investigated for alleged tax evasion; the the brand began to loose its appeal. The visionary for the brand, Sung Joo Kim, has revamped MCM in such a way that it is now mentioned among the best high-end luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Goyard. 



Who's Wearing MCM? 



Beyonce wore a custom MCM look in her new music video to promote her On The Run II tour, which just finished earlier this month. 


Neymar Jr. 


Neymar Jr was spotted wearing this MCM backpack after a soccer game. Backpacks are the style the brand is especially known for.

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MCM: Official


Walk through Sunset Boulevard with a MCM crossbody.


MCM: The Future 

The future of MCM seems to be a bright one as the stocks have been on the rise since Sung Joo Kim gained ownership in 2005. She addressed that because the brand was based out of Germany, she wants to keep its roots and individuality, still adding some Korean influences. MCM is "a global baby incubated out of a Korean cradle", says Kim. MCM is a luxury brand that's a hidden gem and most people don't know about it! Similar to Goyard, Farfetch, and Bonobos, this is a trend your going to want to look into! 


Have you heard about MCM? Are you into this brand? Let us know in the comments!

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