What Masculinity Looks Like in 2016

| By: Alex Camille Admin

What Masculinity Looks Like in 2016

Feature image by Bobby Vie via Flickr

Men's style is going through a major transformation, and this week's Milan runways are reflecting the seismic shift. From floral prints to ruffles and scallops... Spring 2017 menswear is definitely outside of the norm. Even the runways that showed more typically masculine looks had other unexpected twists, especially when it came to hair styling. The feminine-masculine trends are extending beyond the runway, with some the attendees outside of the venues looking just like the models inside. Is this the new future of fashion? Are we moving towards a major shift in men's style?  


What's Happening to Menswear in Milan?


At Gucci (pictured above), Alessandro Michele had us questioning whether gender separation in fashion is coming to an end. Michele has had men walk in his women's shows for a while now, and this week he did the same thing but in reverse: women walked the men's runway. We noted this trend last fall, when Louis Vuitton hired Jaden Smith to star in the brand's womenswear ad campaign. The Bruce Webber pic showed the young actor wearing a skirt and posing alongside three female models. Gender-based fashion aside, the concept of mixing men and women into one show works on a marketing level. It allows for almost year-round promotion of new styles. Women's collections are typically shown in September and February, but by adding it to June and January men's showings it gives the collections extra exposure... genius!  

What is the Future of Menswear?

The #GiorgioArmani style journey starts with the fabric. #mfw #ss17 A photo posted by Armani (@armani) on

Beyond Gucci, designers like Giorgio Armani (pictured above) are also re-imagining menswear. Even though Armani isn't bending gender roles like other designers, his vision of menswear is evolving beyond the standard silhouettes. His baggy looks reflect a new, more relaxed masculinity. To us, it makes sense that these changing menswear trends are going to start trickling into Main Street USA in the next few years. It has been a long time since there were any widespread changes in men's styling. Social media and our online inter-connectivity will help speed the shift.  


Tell us what you think! Do you feel like men are due for a change? Do you feel like adapted versions of these trends will start popping up everywhere?    


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