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Why Chanel Prices are Befitting of the Bag

September 20, 2017 4 min read

Why Chanel Prices are Befitting of the Bag
Perhaps synonymous with the quality and style the name “Chanel” evokes, many fashion-lovers immediately think of the price tag associated with this level of luxury. In fact, it’s one of the most widely discussed topics in the fashion world: Can a bag really be worth as much as they’re charging? In our opinion, the answer is "yes." These bags, made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, not only maintain their value over the years but are made to withstanduse throughout the years. So, let’s talk about Chanel prices. With brand-new Chanel bags spanning from anywhere between $1,500 and $8,000, excluding the ultra-coveted Chanel Minaudiere bags, many are seeking to understand the logic for such a hefty price being associated with these bags. Though there are plenty of pre-loved Chanel bags for sale through online luxury resale shops, many people seek the novelty of a brand-new bag to add to their collection, so here’s the brand’s reasoning behind the price.

Chanel Prices are Not Out of the Ordinary, but the Bags are.

When it comes to the luxury world, Chanel prices aren't extraordinarily high, especially due to the quality and value they maintain. And when you compare these iconic bags with other timeless designs, like the Hermes Birkin, their prices pale in comparison. However, soothing yourself with the idea that you're spending a lesser, although large, amount of money isn't going to leave you feeling as good as loving your bag guilt-free.


Chanel prices are directly correlated with the dedication and craftsmanship put into these bags. Assembled by hand (but stitched by machines operated by Chanel craftsmen), these bags are made to last and maintain highly restricted quality standards that ensure the brand is properly represented by each piece and that the wearer can continue wearing it through the times. Therefore, we've come to understand that while the prices are high, they aren't out of the ordinary. Instead, the bags themselves are extraordinary and worth the investment. Read on to find out why this is the case.

They are designed with practicality in mind.


When designing the Classic flap bag, Coco Chanel herself had one thing in mind: practicality. During that time, clutches were the most popularly carried bag by women. However, Chanel wasn’t your average socialite. While out dancing, smoking, and spending time with her inner-circle, holding onto a clutch bag was a chore.

To solve this problem, Chanel designed her bags with practicality andstyle in mind. By adding a chain and plenty of interior space, the Chanel Classic Flap bag satisfied the needs of modern women. It was big enough to hold the essentials, but the delicate shoulder strap allowed its wearer to have both arms free.
Nowadays, these bags are still just as practical. Made to be worn on our shoulders, Chanel bags are still the perfect day and night accessory no matter the occasion.

They are investment pieces.

Chanel bags are one of the few fashion splurges that really hold their value throughout the years. Because of how in-demand Chanel pieces are, how timeless their design is, and how good the materials are, pre-loved Chanel bags dosell at a slightly lower price—but the difference between the original and resale values stands at a much higher ratio than other brands are able to maintain.
Because Chanel’s resale value is so high, they’re one of the first major luxury purchases made by fashionistas who are able to. By sporting such an iconic bag, fashion lovers know that re-selling them in a pinch is something that can be done relatively easily without needing to wait months on end or needing to drastically lower their resale price.

They are made with high-quality materials.

Another reason that Chanel prices are on the higher end within the luxury market is the quality of their materials and craftsmanship.
Chanel bags must adhere to high-quality standards, meaning that each bag is made with care, though authentic bags cancome with stitching that is slightly off-kilter. We’ve previously written about how Chanel’s Caviar leather is renowned for it’s durable construction that is resistant to staining, creasing and general wear over the years.
Though it’s a more sensitive material, Chanel’s lambskin leather is a sumptuous option that many fashion-lovers love to add to their collection. Even then, lambskin leather is known to last decadesif worn and stored with care, making Chanel bags a wonderfully constructed investment well worth the price. Other materials, such as Chanel alligator and crocodile bags are also designed with the highest quality materials to ensure their sturdiness and beauty over time.
So, when you think about it, Chanel prices really aren't exorbitant for what you're getting: a gorgeous bag designed to be practical and withstand the test of time while maintaining its value.
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