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Why Karl Lagerfeld Should be Target's Next Collaboration

April 13, 2017 3 min read

Karl Lagerfeld for target
At this point, its safe to say that Target's designer collaborations have overwhelming followings. Who can forget the Missoni for Target collection that crashed their site in 2011? Or the stories of women fighting over the last Lily Pulitzer for Target pieces mere hours after doors opened in 2015? Victoria Beckham's Target collection was released last weekend, and, true to form, it had all of us in the office talking. It also had us speculating on who should be next, and the obvious answer is Karl Lagerfeld. In fact, we're surprised it hasn't been done before. Here are five reasons why we need a Lagerfeld-Target collaboration.  

Because People Love the Karl Lagerfeld Look

Tweed and quilting are hallmarks of Chanel, but at this point they are equally associated with Karl Lagerfeld. He also has his own distinctive and marketable look. His black slim cut pants, tuxedo jackets, and hair bows would be perfect inspirations for an autumn/winter collection. Who's to say that they couldn't throw some fingerless gloves into the merchandise lineup?  

Because Lagerfeld Is Trying to Build His Own Brand

Classic tweed, fresh twist! Get yours by clicking the link in the bio 👆🏻#KARLLAGERFELD A post shared by KARL LAGERFELD (@karllagerfeld) on
The Karl Lagerfeld brand hasn't achieved mass popularity in the US, and he has been open about his desire to grow his label. Over the past few years he has been rapidly opening stores in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Creating a collection for Target would be the perfect way to promote his brand here. Also, his brand is moderately priced so he would undoubtedly get some crossover customers from a Target collaboration.  

Because He Was Unhappy with His 2004 Collaboration with H&M

Karl Lagerfeld's Autumn 2004 collection for H&M sold out in mere hours, and he was vocal in his frustration with the Swedish apparel company. He felt that they disappointed a lot of customers because they didn't produce enough to meet demand. However, his H&M collaboration proved that there is potential for success in a Target collaboration, and it would be a great chance for Lagerfeld to have do-over.   

Because Target Would Get Great Press

It almost goes without saying that the branding and marketing opportunities for a Lagerfeld-Target collection are incredible. Lagerfeld is already a walking brand himself, so a creative team can easily translate that into infinite promotional materials. Customer anticipation would skyrocket in the months leading up to the debut.  

Because Target's Sales Would be Astronomical

Tik Tok Tik Tok! The clock is ticking. Get your watch by clicking the link in the bio👆🏻 #KARLLAGERFELD

A post shared by KARL LAGERFELD (@karllagerfeld) on

Really the question is, who wouldn't buy a Lagerfeld for Target tweed jacket? Lagerfeld is so masterful at creating iconic and marketable fashion, that the challenge for Target would be creating enough of them to meet customer demand.   While we would love to see this collaboration happen, we sincerely hope that Target can work out the online shopping and inventory issues that have plagued past collections. The demand for Lagerfeld's aesthetic is real, but if customers can't buy the merchandise, it could turn into a PR nightmare. Bad scenarios aside, if a Lagerfeld-Target collaboration does happen, we'll be at our local Target at 3am waiting for doors to open. And we probably won't be alone.       Feature image by Siebbi (Karl Lagerfeld) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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