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Your New Favorite Cocktail Handbags

August 25, 2017 4 min read

There's always room in your collection for just one more bag, and going shopping with an idea of what you're looking for is a good idea. Once you gain a good perspective on your current collection, you'll be able to shop knowing the difference between a want and a need. Recently, quite a few lovely customers have come in looking for the perfect "event" bag and we love taking that opportunity to show off our beautiful cocktail handbags.   With summer coming to an end, and cooler weather settling in, it's likely you'll be heading indoors to gorgeous social events and fun nights out. That's why having a cocktail handbag to match the occasion is key to having a well-rounded wardrobe! After all, your bag is the perfect accessory to capitalize on when getting ready for your evening out.  

Find Your New Favorite From These Cocktail Handbags

Every type of event you could find yourself at has a different vibe. This means that the bag you'd wear to one may not match the other, and your everyday bag can't be substituted in when you're dressed to the nines.   We've picked our top favorite cocktail handbags and matched them to the event they were destined to go to!  

At the Charity

If you're part of certain social circles, going to a charity event is standard. There's something so glamorous about dressing up for a great cause and looking at art or dining with friends that requires the perfect bag.   louis vuitton vernis alma   Louis Vuitton Amarante Monogram Vernis Alma PM Bag   For this event, we've picked the Louis Vuitton Vernis Alma. This beauty is in a deep, rich burgundy color that almost seems black under certain lighting. The subtle shifts in color, the smooth Vernis leather, and classic Louis Vuitton motifs imprinted into the material makes this bag a glamorous complement to your most formal outfits.   Charity events are often all evening events and the PM size of this bag allows you to carry your regular wallet, makeup, and other essentials without needing to sacrifice space for style. That's why we think the Vernis variety is particularly apt for a formal event—it's an automatic boost of glam that is sure to turn heads around the room.  

At the Concert

Maybe you're attending an orchestra performance or your favorite singer has come to town. No matter the type of music you love, there's always room for a little bit of rock n' roll edge at any music event.   Chanel python boy bag   Chanel Metallic Pewter Python & Lambskin Medium Boy Bag   This Chanel metallic python and lambskin Boy bag is the bag to bring with you to a concert. The perfect size for your essentials, phone, and a slim wallet, the real beauty of this bag comes from the design.   We often think of Chanel as a classic and clean bag, favoring quilted and subtle designs, this bag is the opposite. With gorgeous pewter hardware, the classic shape of the Chanel Boy bag is instantly transformed when combined with the uniquely colored metal details and the python exterior.  

At the Fashion Show

If there's ever a time to bring the drama to your attire, it's when you're attending a fashion show. Surrounded by the latest trends and couture designs, you can't help but be enamored by the visions of the designers come to life on the runway.   And, of course, you can't help but be inspired. That's why this Chanel Lucite clutch is the perfect fit for the occasion. Chanel Minaudieres are gorgeous and rare creations, with just a few designs released per year. These pieces are architectural, unexpected, and a haute deviation from Chanel's classic aesthetic.   Chanel lucite clutch   Chanel Clear & Black Lucite Clutch Wristlet Bag   The Chanel Lucite bag has enough interior space to store your essentials, but it may require trimming down to exactly what you'd need for the night. However, we love this bag for its unique material. Surprisingly, lucite is on-trend across all accessories, especially shoes with lucite heels, necklaces and bags with lucite details.   So, as you're watching the next generation of trends walk by you on the runway, make sure you have with you something equally awe-inspiring.  

At the Premiere

If you're attending an exclusive premiere, you'll want to bring the glitz and glam with you by pairing this Kathrine Baumann black crystal studded clutch. Alluring and gorgeously designed, this clutch is a perfect blend of a bold statement, thanks to the sparkling crystals and classic femininity because of its small and rounded shape.   Kathrine Baumann Crystal clutch   Kathrine Baumann Black Crystal Studded Evening Clutch Bag   This clutch is perfect for a premiere for a few reasons. Firstly, it's the right size to carry the bare minimum you need. If you look closely at celebs on the red carpet, they're unlikely to be carrying a purse at all. However, the celebrities who do style cocktail handbags with the look often go for small clutches that add to, not distract from, their outfit.  

At the Soiree

If you're attending a fun yet fancy event like a soiree, chances are, you'll want to showcase a bit of your personality. These events are all about fun, friends, and family regardless of it being a pre-wedding soiree or a holiday party, carrying a slightly larger and bolder clutch is a gorgeous option.   Judith Leiber lizard clutch   Judith Leiber Natural Lizard Frame Clutch Bag   Judith Leiber is known as the queen designer when it comes to evening bags or cocktail handbags that are perfect for formal events. This bag is a gorgeous framed lizard skin clutch that features a beautifully wavy top closure.   Perfect to pair with a little black dress and some statement heels, this clutch is soiree-ready and big enough to carry the essentials needed to touch up your makeup, keep your phone and keys safe, and still have room for a slim wallet.    

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