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How to Identify Authentic David Yurman Jewelry


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David Yurman jewelry has reached fashion icon status, and these cable twisted classics are so popular that they're impervious to trends. They can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and are perfect for everyday wear. With Yurman's massive popularity, it makes sense that there are counterfeits out there. As with buying any pre-owned designer accessory, the best way to know that you're getting a good deal is to educate yourself and (of course) only buy from sellers who have authenticity guarantees. We are committed to educating fashion consumers about authenticity, and, as part of our ongoing efforts, we have compiled this short guide for spotting authentic David Yurman jewelry. It's good to keep in mind that David Yurman has changed the types of stamps used on each piece over the years, so we've put together the highlights you need to know. If you have a piece with stampings that differ from the handful featured here, or if you're looking for more comprehensive information, don't hesitate to ask us a question!  

David Yurman Craftsmanship

david yurman confetti bracelet Authentic David Yurman pieces can often be identified by their craftsmanship. Seams and edges are good places to look when examining. Authentic pieces won't have any sharp or jagged edges, and the soldered areas are neat and clean. On the Confetti bracelet above, the cable cuff, end caps, and stone settings are precise and well formed.    

David Yurman Stampings

david yurman stamping   Yurman pieces feature two types of embossed stamps: metal content and trademark. Metal content stampings denote whether a piece is silver, gold, or aluminum. Trademark stampings feature the David Yurman name or initials. Here's a quick guide to both.  

Yurman Metal Stampings

david yurman metal stamp   Yurman's sterling silver pieces are always stamped with one of the following: 925, STER, or STERLING. 14K gold pieces are stamped with "14K" or "585", while 18K gold pieces are stamped with "18K" or "750". Mixed metal pieces (like the sterling silver, 14K gold, and green onyx cable bracelet above) feature two numeric metal stamps. The bracelet above is stamped with 925 and 585. Counterfeit sterling silver Yurman pieces are sometimes made of stainless steel, which is heavier and duller than sterling silver. david yurman renaissance   David Yurman first released aluminum Renaissance bracelets in 2015. These pieces (like the one pictured above) are laser-etched "ALUMINUM" in light gray. If you are unsure of the metal content of your Yurman piece, you can always take it to a local jeweler to be inspected.  

David Yurman Trademark Stampings

david yurman trademark stamp   Most Yurman pieces are embossed with trademark stamps. Trademark stamps denote the David Yurman name and, in some instances, the copyright  © symbol. In addition to the main types of stamps, some pre-2010 pieces bear craftsman stamps that denote who made them. David Yurman jewelry pieces from the 1980’s and 1990’s are typically stamped “D YURMAN,” “D.YURMAN,” or simply “YURMAN.” These stamps are in all capital letters. More contemporary pieces from the late 1990’s and 2000’s will typically have an initial stamp of “D.Y.” or “DY.” In 2010, David Yurman began to use a more personalized font on the majority of their jewelry pieces. The most common current trademark stamp is the David Yurman initials of either “DY” or “D.Y.”

Yurman Gemstones

david yurman gemstones   Counterfeit Yurman pieces might use glass or plastic to simulate real gemstones. Unless you are a trained jeweler or gemologist, it can be difficult to identify authentic gemstones, but you may be able to to tell by the look or feel of lower quality counterfeits. Yurman uses a wide variety of gemstones but some of the most common are amethyst, citrine, quartz, topaz, garnet, hematite, onyx, morganite, and diamonds. The sterling silver and 18K gold Mosaic bracelet pictured above features diamonds, garnet, black onyx, hematite, and smoky quartz.   david yurman bracelet   David Yurman pieces are stackable, collectable, and enduringly chic. Suitable for both work and play, this distinctive brand's fan base is always growing. If you're curious to learn more, check out our past blog post 10 Things Your Didn't Know About David Yurman. Let us know if you have any questions about your David Yurman piece. We are happy to help!      


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