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Festival Clothing: To Coachella and Beyond

April 21, 2017 4 min read

Festival Clothing: To Coachella and Beyond
With the weather warming up, it's abundantly clear that –finally– festival season is here. Events for all ages and tastes will be held across the country over the next few months and, thanks to Coachella, cultivating the perfect wardrobe of festival clothing is becoming par-for-the-course for anyone wanting to embrace the music and vibe of the summer season. Some people like to go bolder than others with their festival clothing. You don't have to go full Rihanna to keep your festival clothing haute, but you could dare to draw some inspiration from this year's festival clothing tips and tricks.  

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Keeping Things Luxurious with Your Festival Clothing and Accessories

Summer music fests are a time for having fun with your friends, enjoying the music, and finding your festival clothing nirvana. Although these events are outdoors and often weekend-long, with some people even camping, it's typical for fashion-lovers and celebs alike to bring their fashion A-game.  There's a simple solution: make sure your festival clothing matches the occasion and serves a purpose. A Louis Vuitton or Prada backpack, for example, are luxurious, make a statement, and let you stay hands free with a durable bag.  

Take Things Back With Some Retro Glam

Mixing luxury and vintage styles is perfect for festival season. That's why we love the look that Vanessa Hudgens put together for Coachella's first weekend. Retro style from the 1960s and 70s are still on-trend this season and Hudgens clearly didn't hold back. Because these pieces are vintage, you have free reign to mix and match your own items to create an outfit inspired by these festival clothes– but you can always add a luxury brand like Chanel to any look.  In this case, Hudgens pairs her vintage look with a Chanel backpack– the perfect combo. She gets the perks that a backpack offers while still making a fashionable statement with a classic brand.   

Stay True to the Classics

Just because a lot of people love breaking out the floral, flowy, and sometimes revealing outfits for festivals doesn't mean that you don't have other choices. Don't hesitate to keep things classic with a denim skirt and airy button-down that will transcend day-to-night. With these types of looks, a tote is the perfect complement to these simple but beautiful festival clothing. This Valentino Rockstud tote, which is similar to the one pictured below, is a perfect festival catch-all. From bottles of water, sunscreen, your essentials, and perhaps a flower crown, it all can fit in this trendy bag.  
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Embrace Your Inner Flower Child

Picking luxe pieces of festival clothing can elevate any outfit. With a flowy white top, jewelry (especially rose gold and silver), and comfortable denim shorts, your festival look can transcend the fairgrounds and be worn again and again during your days out on the town.  Pairing an outfit like this with a Chloe bag instantly brings that perfect touch of luxury to a festival setting. With the popularity of the Faye and bracelet bags, it's a sure-fire way to get some attention as you tote such a beautiful bag to the next pool party you're attending between sets.  

If You've Got It, Flaunt It

Being bold is in, so, if you're a Louis-lover, go ahead and get decked out. Stick to light, summery silhouettes but don't shy away from front-and-center logos. A revival of vintage t-shirts and styles from the 90s reveal that trends are embracing brand visibility.  This outfit fits in perfectly with multiple trends, including the off-the-shoulder phenomenon that's sweeping summer fashion, so it's totally festival approved!   

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Festival Clothing Isn't Going Anywhere

With Coachella nearing its end, the bell has rung for the rest of festival season to rev up. That means your festival style can be a closet staple for months to come with events happening nearly every month. There are several mainstay festivals that are sure to draw in huge, stylish crowds. Here's our quick rundown of staple styles from upcoming festivals:  
  • Bonnaroo (6/8-6/11/2017): Arguably the modern version of Woodstock, this summer festival has a diverse list of performers and genres set up for 2017. However, one thing remains the same: Bonnaroo fashion is all about those staple summer pieces. Shorts, floral, sunglasses, and big hats reign supreme and are the perfect pieces to pair with a classic Louis Vuitton backpack or cross-body.
  • Burning Man (8/27-9/4/2017): This is one of the most out-there festivals, literally– it's in the middle of Arizona's Black Rock desert. Festival clothing that's par-for-the-course includes steampunk and flowy, desert-inspired pieces. It's the perfect spot to bring out your Alexander McQueen Knuckle Box Clutch or a piece from Valentino's Rockstud collection.
  • Lollapalooza (8/3-8/6/2017): This Chicago music festival doesn't skip on the luxury. Because it's hosted in such a beautiful and huge city, you'll find people sporting all different trends and pairing it with suitable luxury items. Designer sunglasses and scarves add some glam to looks that blend summer-wear with fall-pieces as a part of this festival's go-to styles.
  • Riot Fest (9/15-9/17/2017): If you've been looking for a reason to break out your Vivienne Westood or Betsy Johnson garb, this is your chance. This punk-themed festival draws in crowds that stick to staple festival fashions while adding edge with leather jackets and kitschy accessories.
  So be sure to pack a few of your essentials when it comes to luxury goods while you're prepping for your next festival. After all, why wouldn't you maintain your style while having some fun in the sun? Just remember that certain festivals are banning what they deem as appropriative accessories, like Native American headdresses or Bindis. You'll want to make sure the pieces you bring are versatile, useful, and durable (yes, leave that lambskin Chanel at home!) so that you can't go wrong all weekend! Will you be attending any of this year's festivals? We'd love to know!

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