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Our Favorite Fashion Models Over 60

March 05, 2017 4 min read

When it comes to getting older, it's easy to fall into the mindset that it's possible to get "too old" to be stylish anymore. Older fashion models are faced with a similar barrage of self-confidence issue that women of all ages face: they don't see representation in the media that really fits the reality of our golden years. That's why 2017's fight for diversity and representation is so important, and we're seeing an influx of older models hitting the runways and making their voices heard this year. Just this Fashion Month, multiple designers chose to diversify and hire models of different ethnicities, like Halima Aden, but it seemed like many of these models still fell into younger age ranges. That is until brands like Simone Rocha and Dries Van Noten brought back beautiful models that were walking the runways well before the 1990's. To pay homage to the beautiful models who are staying stylish throughout their golden years, we've put together a list of the most fashionable older women in the industry.

Carmen Dell'Orefice

If you're going to talk about fashion models over 50 that are still hitting the runways to this day, you have to see Carmen Dell'Orefice. At 85 years old, Carmen is still doing what she loves: modeling, like she's done since the late 1940's. In the last 25 years, Dell'Orefice has seen her career boom after returning to the industry to recover from losing her life savings in Madoff's Ponzi scheme. Despite the difficult situation she was placed in, Dell'Orefice has made a comeback and proven that there's no reason for anyone over 50 to step out of the limelight and break out the thick-woven cardigans. In fact, Carmen Dell'Orefice closed a couture show this 2017 season and was absolutely radiant.

Beverly Johnson

One of the original African-American supermodels, Beverly Johnson is a 64 year old fashion model that is still keeping things fashionable in 2017.  After breaking the mold and becoming the first black covergirl of American Vogue, gracing the 1974 issue of Vogue to officially open the door to other models of color. Nowadays, she's retired from her catwalking career, but she is still heavily involved in the industry, even attending the Grammys this year in a beautiful mini-dress.  

China Machado

When taking a look at diversity in the fashion industry, China Machado is one of those names that's synonymous with overcoming obstacles and becoming one of the first Chinese models to really find success. Machado was an individual affected by the many political upheavals that were transpiring in the mid-20th century. As a result, she lived in Peru, Argentina, the United States, and France– where she found success in Paris as a model for Givenchy.  She recently passed away in December of 2016, but her decades-long career is a testament to her ability to find a place in an industry dominated by younger and predominantly caucasian women. Shortly before her death, she was still receiving interviews and articles in magazines to document her life and success as an older model by keeping fashionable and up-to-date with current trends.  
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Timeless supermodel, designer, owner of a groundbreaking cosmetics line, Iman is one of the fashion models that has maintained her style through the decades.  At 61 years old, Iman looks just as beautiful as ever and, as you can read in the Instagram caption below, she claims to avoid all fillers and injections while maintaining her beauty routine. Married to the late David Bowie for 24 years, Iman has retired from modeling but remains involved through her eponymous cosmetics line to cater to the much-neglected minority market in the beauty industry. Her cosmetics are carried in a range of darker tones to help women of all ages feel their best, and it's clear that Iman has spent her lifetime breaking boundaries and working towards the inclusivity that the world needs.

Christie Brinkley

The blond bombshell Christie Brinkley has been featured on countless cover photos since the 1970's. One of the first women to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated for three consecutive covers, Christie Brinkley recently returned to the magazine for a covershoot with her daughters. Throughout the years, Christie Brinkley has unabashedly maintained her allure and stylishness as she moved from the catwalk to working with the causes she most believes in. And, at 64, she's looking better than ever. Whereas Iman keeps her beauty routine free of fillers, Christie Brinkley advocates for doing what makes you feel best– as long as you're working with a doctor that has your health in mind. She even penned an article outlining her use of fillers, using botox on her neck, wearing hair extensions, and how she keeps feeling young and beautiful. After all, life is all about doing what makes you feel beautiful regardless of whether that's keeping things natural or using medical marvels to enhance your features.  

Baddie Winkle

Though she's not a traditional model like the other ladies featured here, Baddie Winkle has a deserving spot on this list. Having explained that she felt trapped and lonely after the passing of her son and husband, Baddie Winkle's grand-daughter brought the youth back out of her with outrageously millennial clothing and dance moves. The result? Baddie Winkle, at 88 years old, has owned her style, body, and age to show that age is just a number. After all, not everyone was cool enough to hang out with Miley Cyrus during the crazier phases in her career. Nowadays, you can find Baddie Winkle living it up and enjoying the numerous campaigns she's a part of to constantly prove that there's no cut-off age for style.

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