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How Fashion Bloggers Are Keeping Couture Relevant

July 13, 2017 3 min read

How Fashion Bloggers Are Keeping Couture Relevant
Influencers, bloggers, fashion and beauty gurus, lifestyle vloggers... They're all over Youtube and social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook for one purpose: to lend inspiration to fashion-lovers from all walks of life. These fashion bloggers are showcasing their favorite brands, offering their opinions, and creating lookbooks so that luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, and Celine at the forefront of aspirational brands Despite some arguing that luxury fashion is going out of style with the younger generations, non-traditional methods of marketing and engagement are turning more and more people into fans of the big brands. Fashion bloggers are an integral piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping couture relevant throughout the years – and they're making fashion more accessible than ever.  

Fashion Bloggers Work Directly With Brands

Traditionally, supermodels worked with brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and others to showcase pieces and serve as walking inspiration for fashion-lovers. Now, fashion bloggers are bridging the gap between supermodels and the rest of the world. Relatable, these bloggers chat about their day-to-day life and incorporate high-end products into their writing, photos, and videos. This new way of brand promotion is organic - many bloggers and vloggers simply like the styles and purchase them with their own money. Other times, brands will sign sponsorships with these influencers to showcase certain items or invite them to a company retreat to get some luxury R&R. Though sponsorships are sometimes a point of tension in the fashion and social media influencer world, it's clear that luxury products are being shown in an entirely new light.  

These Ladies (And Gents) Are Taking Luxury To The Streets

Fashion bloggers are surely doing one thing right, and it's taking luxury to the streets. While some photos are more curated, people browsing social media are more likely to relate to a "candid" photo of fashion in action in contrast to the ads in magazines.  
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  Fashion-lovers that enjoy using social media to explore their interest in luxury brands, follow influencers, or showcase their own outfits with a well-framed #ootd are dedicated to an immersive experience. It's joining a community of men and woman in love with couture and historic brands. That's why seeing a fashion blogger taking her Gucci out for a coffee is so aspirational.  

They're Following The Trends And Leading The Markets

Trends often starts with one person seeing something they liked and emulating it so others can fall in love with the look as well. Fashion bloggers are close to the epicenter of trends, as they're often the first to adopt and try out a new style. These influencers may share their opinion of why it did or didn't work for them, how they recommend styling a trend, or directed feedback about the quality of the brand.  With each photo shared and opinion captioned, followers can get an insider look at these brands live and in action.  


What's your opinion on fashion bloggers and their influence? We'd love to know!

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