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Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Bags - A Bold And Worthy Investment

May 24, 2018 3 min read

Season after season, Louis Vuitton continues to lure in novice and veteran Louis lovers alike with their Limited Edition pieces that cater to the appeal of exclusivity. While each season brings a new array of design concepts and color palettes, we can almost always count on the release of Limited Edition pieces that offer an innovative reinterpretation of signature Louis bags like the Neverfull and the Speedy. As these pieces typically carry a rather hefty price tag, you may be wondering how a Limited Edition Louis would compare in wearability to the rest of your collection of Monogram and Damier, and whether or not its appeal is worth the investment? The answer is absolutely. In the world of designer resale, while coveted Louis Vuitton pieces have proved to be a worthy investment holding about 85% of their retail value in good condition, a Limited Edition version is likely to give you an even greater return, due to the fact that not as many are produced and released. This is especially true for pieces from popular artist collaborations like Louis Vuitton and Stephen Sprouse as well as more recently released Limited Editions like the Louis Vuitton Summer Trunks bags from this year's Spring/Summer collection that can easily retain 90% of their retail value. In this week's post, we've featured some of our favorite Louis Vuitton Limited Edition pieces that are sure to give you a great return on your investment while also adding a little designer spunk to your current collection!

Louis Vuitton x Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Alma Bag

Known as the collection that paved the way for future artist and designer collaborations, the Louis Vuitton and Stephen Spouse Graffiti collection was originally released in Spring/Summer 2001 featuring a painted Graffiti logo overlaying classic LV exterior materials, offering urban edge to a classic designer silhouette. Pieces like this horizontal Alma bagimmediately flew off the shelves upon their release, prompting a re-release in 2009 following the death of Sprouse in 2004. Today, this collection remains as one of LV's most coveted, with resale value often higher than it's original retail value, proving to be both a fabulous and well-worthy investment.

Louis Vuitton x Takashi Murakami Monogram Cerise Pochette


During the Marc Jacobs era of LV, the creative director grew fascinated by contemporary cult art and decided to collaborate with famous Japanese artist Takashi Murakami for the Spring/Summer 2003 release of the Louis Vuitton Monogram Cerise collection. Including the Pochette bag pictured above, this collection features cutesy animated cherry motifs overlaying the classic Monogram canvas exterior. Regardless of size, pieces from this Limited Edition release have remained incredibly popular in the resale market in various conditions.

Louis Vuitton x Richard Prince Defile Weekender Pulp Bag

Following the continued success of Louis Vuitton's previous artist collaboration projects, then Creative Director Marc Jacobs decided to team up with poplar American Artist Richard Prince for the Spring/Summer 2008 Collection. Inspired by Prince's widely controversial "Nurse Paintings" series, this collection included limited release of this Defile Weekender Pulp bag paying homage to the Pulp Fiction romance novel covers that influenced Prince's work. The bag features a classic Monogram Denim construction under a vibrant watercolor-infused coating. Blending the lines of fashion and art, these rare pieces are a popular favorite of abstract Louis Collectors and are quite the hot commodity amongst the resale market due to such limited quantity.

Louis Vuitton Tropical Journey Collection Neverfull Bags


At the forefront of the LV Summer/Spring 2016 collection is their Limited Edition Tropical Journey collection designed by current creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere. This collection features several colorfully tropical renditions of the Monogram Canvas material including the Monogram Jungle and the Monogram Bay prints featured on the Neverfulls pictured above. Selling out almost immediately upon release, these highly sought-after Neverfulls have been found on the resale market to be priced above original retail price, thus having the potential to hold 100% retail value if kept in pristine condition!

Louis Vuitton Summer Trunks Neverfull


The most recent Limited Edition to be released from the Spring Summer 2018 collection, the Summer Trunks Neverfull is a tribute to the fashion house's classic Monogram Trunks featuring printed trunk corners and LV S-Lock detailing. The Summer Trunks collection has been sold out on the Louis Vuitton retail site since it's initial release back in March and are now selling on the resale market for nearly double their retail value. Whether your looking to spice up your current designer handbag collection or looking to make a wise investment in the business of designer resale, Limited Edition Louis Vuitton bags offer the perks of a new and fun piece that veers off the course of the ordinary while also giving the gift of assurance in knowing that the value of your bag will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

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