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The 5 Most Desired David Yurman Jewelry Pieces

September 24, 2018 5 min read

The 5 Most Desired David Yurman Jewelry Pieces

Celebrating the history of brands that we love is always very important to us, and David Yurman is a brand that definitely deserves attention. After all, it’s one of our most popularly sought-after brands and the David Yurman jewelry designs are some of the most unique.

The jewelry company we know and love today was founded in the 1980s, years after the Yurmans had already begun making jewelry to sell at galleries and art fairs around the country. From such humble starts, the David Yurman jewelry brand has achieved unbelievable success, releasing around 300 new items a year and maintaining loyal customers through the decades.

But which David Yurman Jewery designs are the most beloved? We’re going to break down the top five most sought-after designs that we’ve seen through years of working with our Yurman-loving customers. Read on to find out what made the cut!

David Yurman Jewelry Fan-favorites

The buying and retail team at CoutureUSA undoubtedly has a lot of experience working with David Yurman products. From their knowledge, and some of our own research, we’ve come up with the five designs that have become absolutely fan-favorites.

Cable Classics Bracelets

This instantly-recognizable cable design originated from a necklace Yurman created, named the Starlight necklace, which won the Jury Award from the World Gold Council in 1980. The 7mm Cable Classics bracelet is the first bracelet made by Yurman and it is still the best seller to this day, outperforming other designs year after year.

Hallmarks of the Cable Classics collection include, you guessed it, a desirable twisted cable design that highlights the sturdiness and quality of each piece. Bracelets within the Cable Classics collection can also be adorned with gold detailing as well as fine gems, like the smoky quartz piece pictured above.

How to Style a Cable Classics Bracelet

These particular pieces are much-desired for their ability to add a luxurious, polished, and classic tone to any ensemble. Many people love the look of a Cable Classics bracelet stacked with a watch or other jewelry, either with pieces from an existing Yurman collection or with other timeless favorites.

Renaissance Bracelet

Think of David Yurman’s Renaissance bracelet as the cool sister to the Cable Classics. Much like the name would imply, the bright gems and embellishments draw heavy inspiration from the jewelry design from the 14th to 17th centuries. In modern times, the David Yurman Renaissance bracelets are playfully luxurious, allowing customers to find a piece that matches their personality perfectly.

Since the release of the original Renaissance bracelets, Yurman has offered an updated option much to the delight of many people: aluminum Renaissance bracelets that come in beautiful shades of lilac, green, red, purple, blue, and many more. There are even Renaissance bracelets that are completely covered in beautiful pave diamonds! These designs fit into a resurgence of David Yurman Renaissance bracelets that rolled out in 2015, when new stones and sizes were also added into the Renaissance collection.

How to Style a Renaissance Bracelet

The Renaissance bracelet is the edgy answer to all of Yurman’s classic styles. It still maintains the elegance of all Yurman pieces, but the gold and jewel adorned end caps call for an outfit to match.

Accessories like leather wrap bracelets and fashionable leather jackets are the perfect companions to a Renaissance bracelet, as are crisp white tees since they provide an elegant backdrops to let the bracelets speak for themselves.

Noblesse Rings

The David Yurman Noblesse rings are a rarity. Having been retired as a design by David Yurman, these rings mean more than ever to collectors and lovers of the brand. The Noblesse collection ran from 1997 to 2016, though certain pieces, like the rings and gold detailing, began being phased out years before 2016. As a result, the Noblesse collection is believed to have additional collectors value.

The beautiful cable design is front and center with a straightforward gold setting that frames an assortment of gemstones. This design allows all aspects of the ring to complement, not stand out vastly, from each other. The cable details seem to get as much focus as the gemstone and gold features, which is part of the reason so many adore this understated and elegant ring.

How to Style a Noblesse Ring

These beauties complement and elevate almost any style. Many love pairing Noblesse rings with their existing Yurman collection to present a united fashion statement. These rings stand to be one of Yurman’s designs that are most suited to be worn daily, as they are sleek in design and come in varying sizes to allow the wearer to decide what fits them best on a day-to-day basis.

Albion Rings

The Albion collection has been the long-standing star of Yurman’s ring collections ever since it was released in 1995. This design isn’t shy about being luxurious and flashy, and they make the perfect statement ring that can also be worn every day.

Featuring a dual-cable design, Albion rings embody the modern yet flashy designs that people are drawn to. These rings feature front-and-center, large gemstones (or pave diamond faces) that are central to the design. A gold and pave diamond setting frames the gemstones and adds additional allure to the overall design.

How to Style an Albion Ring

One of the reasons the Albion ring is so highly desired, and has been a successful collection since 1995, is because of its ability to serve as an engagement ring, a cocktail ring, or an everyday statement ring. The design means that you can pair your Albion ring with workplace attire just as easily as you could with formal attire.

Made to speak volumes about the elegance of the wearer, the Albion ring is available in a large variety of stones, such as moonstone, quartz varieties, amethyst, citrine, onyx, and topaz to name a few.

Oval Link Necklace

According to our Style Specialist, Amber, the David Yurman Oval Link necklace is a coveted piece to many of our customers. “Because it’s two-toned and prominently features the cable design, it can be worn day-to-day and throughout the year,” she explains. However, a two-toned Oval Link necklace isn’t your only option. The Yurman Oval Link necklace comes in a variety of metals, sizes, and stone arrangements, making it another diverse piece that can be suitable for anyone.

Another major perk to the Oval Link necklace that Amber points out is its ability to be enhanced with pendants from David Yurman. In fact, this design is the perfect way to showcase the elegance of Yurman design by featuring the sterling silver cable and gold elements while adding, for example, an Albion pendant to stand front and center.

How to Style a David Yurman Figaro Necklace

The Figaro necklace is a timeless style that can be used to accent work wear just as easily as it can add an edgy statement to your evening looks. Similarly, these necklaces can be enhanced with different pendants to suit the occasion as the chain links are often large enough to accommodate DY adornments.

Another way to wear David Yurman Figaro necklaces is to pair them with your other favorite necklaces. The two-toned nature of these chains allows you to pair them with silver and gold necklaces alike.

So, the next time you’re in the market for some David Yurman jewelry, make sure you keep an eye out for these styles!


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