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The Best Designer Baby Bags for New Moms

June 20, 2017 4 min read

The news that Beyoncé had welcomed twins into the world hit the news circuit and sent the beyhive and fashion lovers alike into a frenzy. It probably goes without saying that Beyoncé is likely to have a few designer baby bags in rotation to take care of her new bundles of joy, which got us thinking about the designer bags that can make a mom's life a bit easier! These bags are roomy, stylish, and -most importantly- durable to help mom handle anything that comes her way.

Designer Baby Bags You Need to Keep in Mind

Whether you're in the market for a designer baby bag for yourself or for the important mom in your life, there's always an occasion to let her know you care by offering her a practical and pretty present! Tons of men and women come into our shop looking for a great baby bag to give as a push present, babymoon gift, or simply "just because." That was our inspiration to put together this list of our top 5 designer baby bags that are perfect for the new and well-seasoned mom in your life!  

Valentino's Reversible Rockstud Tote


  For the fashion-conscious mom in your life, the Valentino Rockstud tote is a great option for a few reasons. The reversible nature of this tote means that it can be styled both as a burgundy bag and as a mustard one. For someone that likes variety, this is a huge factor to consider! Plus, the option to wear it with a shoulder strap or as a handbag while she's on the go. We deem this bag mom-worthy because the interior and exterior are both leather, making for a durable surface that can easily be cleaned with the right products. It's also a plus that the bag is reversible so that the corners can be fully turned inside out to clean out anything trapped there. Because of its popularity as a collection, the Valentino Rockstud could be the perfect gift for a mom with a bit of an edge to her fashion sense.  

Louis Vuitton's Neverfull GM


This wouldn't be a very honest list if we left off Louis Vuitton's classic Neverfull. When it comes to being a new mom, being able to fit all of your essentials in one bag is key. And that's exactly what the Neverfull allows you to do, with the fashionable perk of that instant recognition factor from the Damier or Monogram canvas. Because of their coated canvas construction, Neverfulls are durable and new mom-worthy due to their sheer size and appeal. Both the GM and MM sizes of a Neverfull could make the perfect designer diaper bag for a fashionable mom. Due to the popularity of the Neverfull, there are tons of options available for organizational inserts that can help divide the interior space to allow for even more to be stowed away!  

Burberry's Haymarket Check June Diaper Bag


The definitive pattern for any classic style-lover, the Burberry Haymarket Check that adorns this June diaper bag make it the perfect combination of style and function. A fashionable tote bag that also happens to be filled with numerous pockets, bottle holders, diaper pockets, and a roomy center section is hard to come by. And that's not even counting the side pockets that allow for easy access to a cellphone or other accessories! This bag differs from the Valentino Rockstud in that it was specifically designed as a baby bag, so transitioning it to a regular tote in a few years will prove to be tricker. However, this Burberry beauty is a perfectly classic and functional yet covert baby bag that will get any mom a few second glances.  

Prada's Nylon Diaper Bag


If you're looking for a designer diaper bag that will be with you in any situation, this Prada nylon bag is for you. We've praised Prada before for their sturdy nylon fabric, which is waterproof and even festival-worthy due to how good it is at weathering any environment. That's why this Prada diaper bag offers three key elements: function, style, and staying-power. The many pockets found on the interior and exterior of this bag make it the perfect solution for a mom on the go that wants to make sure she's prepped for the day ahead! Take this bag shopping just as easily as you can take it out on afternoon strolls with baby – all without worrying about the elements or if it'll detract from your style.  

Celine's Phantom Bag


  Another potential diaper bag for the fashionista mom that refuses to let carrying the essentials get in the way of her style. The good news is that, with a Celine Phantom bag serving as your designer baby bag, you don't have to sacrifice a thing! These bags are massive on the inside and offer a superior amount of space to stow away anything and everything a mom needs throughout the day. From bottles, diapers, and a makeup bag to maintain the glam, a Phantom is a perfect choice. The Celine Phantom has been a go-to for fashion bloggers and celebrities alike for years. As a result, it's become one of the most popular designer baby bags gifted as "push presents" to stylish moms. However, this bag is typically carried in the crook of your elbow or by hand, making it better suited for a relaxed afternoon at the mall or a cafe rather than a visit to the park. So, whether you're in the market for a designer baby bag for yourself or that special mom in your life, make sure you keep things fashionable and functional.

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