The Right Way to Store Designer Handbags

| By: Alex Camille Admin

The Right Way to Store Designer Handbags
You have a gorgeous collection of luxury bags, and while you love showing them off, you wonder what to do with them on the days they're not being worn.  Improper storage can have lasting effects, so here are three simple tips to ensure that your carryalls stay in the best possible condition when they're not in use:  

1. Stuff the Interiors of Your Handbags

Stuffing your bags will preserve their shapes.  However, you shouldn’t stuff them with just anything. Some people use newspaper or magazine pages, but they are often covered with ink that can discolor linings. Plain acid free paper is the best stuffing option. It's important to avoid acid-containing papers because over time they can cause damage to leathers and fabrics. Art supply stores are good sources for inexpensive acid free paper.  

2. Put Your Handbags in Dustbags

Many designer handbags come with dust bags.  They are the first line of defense against scratches and scuffs when your bag isn't being worn.  A surprising amount of wear and tear can occur when a bag is sitting unprotected on a closet shelf. If your purse did not come with a dust bag, you can purchase a generic variety or utilize a dye-free pillowcase.  

3. Store Your Handbags In Climate Controlled Environments

Once your purse is stuffed into its dust bag, it should be kept in a climate-controlled area, which is typically your closet.  When storing handbags, make sure they are upright and avoid stacking them on top of one another.     By following these simple storage rules, you can easily increase the longevity of your handbag collection.  And you'll be glad you maintained their value when you choose to resell and/or upgrade!

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