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Top Trending Designer Handbags in Paris

April 01, 2016 2 min read


This is the first installment of our Trending Designer Handbags series that points out some of the most popular styles in cities across the globe. We have decided to kick it off with Paris, which is befitting since our two favorite brands (Chanel and Louis Vuitton) both hail from the City of Light. We scoured hundreds of street fashion photos to find the most oft-worn styles, and condensed them into an easy-to-read list. The bottom line? Structured bags rule, and long shoulder straps are a must. Here is our list of the top three designer handbag brands seen on Paris streets.  


#1: Louis Vuitton

(Left to right) model Mae Lapres, actress Jennifer Connelly, and blogger/fashion stylist Tina Leung are all sporting Louis Vuitton (photo credits: Phil Oh for Vogue)

Without a doubt, Vuitton’s most recently released Spring/Summer 2016 collection is everywhere. Alma bags are covered with surface embellishments, and Cluny bags are accented with vibrant motifs. Beautifully adorned versions of Eden bags can also be seen.  

#2: Chanel

(Left to right) model Ondria Hardin, middle person's name not disclosed, and blogger/stylist/fashion designer Gilda Ambrosio are all wearing Chanel bags (photo credits: Phil Oh for Vogue)  

From Boy Bags to Flap Bags, Chanel is as ubiquitous in Paris as croissants. These timeless quilted styles are most often seen in black and some are embellished with bag charms. Red, gray and metallic hues are also popular. Who can blame them for adoring Chanel bags? After all they coordinate with any and every look, from preppy to punk.

#3: Christian Dior

(Left to right) fashion blogger Olivia Palermo, model/actress Kozue Akimbo, and model Tami Williams are all carrying Dior bags (photo credits: Phil Oh for Vogue)

This legendary French design house is as relevant as ever, and Dior bags, clothing, and sunglasses can be seen all over Paris streets. Hues and materials vary from bag to bag, but they all have unmistakably vintage-inspired silhouettes combined with completely modern surface finishes.  

Get the Look for Less with Gently Used Designer Handbags

  Parisians have an undeniable fashion savoir faire, but you don’t have to spend top dollar to in order to look completely current. To get the overall effect, we recommend investing in a simple, less seasonal bag and attaching a fun bag charm to change up the look. Here are a few of our in-house bags that are undoubtedly worthy of Paris streets:  

Which of the trending designer bags in Paris is your favorite? What do you think of the overall street fashion that is going on there?

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