What is Resort Wear and Why is it Relevant?

| By: Alex Camille Admin

What is Resort Wear and Why is it Relevant?

Louis Vuitton is slated to show its 2016 resort collection on May 28th in Rio de Janeiro, at a modern art museum that is noted for its unique architecture. In our opinion it makes a great backdrop for Nicolas Ghesqiuere's contemporary and fashion-forward aesthetic. As resort collections become more popular, designers are increasingly pouring resources into debuting them.  


What is Resort Wear?

Resort wear is a between-season showing, meaning that it is shown between Fall and Spring collections. It shows in May and June and hits stores in late November. The other between-season showing is Pre-Fall, which shows in late November and hits stores in July. Up until recently, resort wear has been regarded as fashion for the wealthy elite who spend winters in warmer climates. It has historically showcased vibrantly colored pieces that are ideal for sunset cocktail parties. However, it has increasingly come to include tailored dresses and lightweight jackets that are suitable for a career woman. As fashion evolves towards a more season-less way of dressing, many consumers are looking to resort wear for pieces that can be worn year-round.  


Why has Resort Wear Changed?

Resort wear fills a seasonal gap in the retail market, providing new inventory in the late fall which is both a holiday shopping time and a time when fall merchandise has been sitting on racks for months. It fills the merchandise void and also happens to remain on retail sales floors for the longest of all of the seasonal collections. Retailers are coming to appreciate this and are increasing their focus on this market segment.  


What is the Future of Resort Wear?

By many accounts, resort wear will continue to grow in the coming years as retailers and consumers increasingly demand a continual influx of new merchandise. Perhaps this is the beginning of even more deeper and widespread changes in the fashion industry. We are looking forward to seeing the upcoming collections, and what the designer labels have in store for us.  


Do you follow the resort collections? If so, which designers are your favorites?

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