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3 Eco-Friendly Fashion Labels You Should Be Supporting

April 22, 2016 2 min read

Sustainable Designers Earth Day

In an era characterized by an increasing concern for Mother Nature, it has become more imperative than ever for labels to conduct practices in a sustainable manner.  Modern consumers not only consider the look and feel of potential purchases, but also from where they were sourced and by which means.  While some luxury labels have been slow to react to this trend, others warrant major credit.  In honor of Earth Day, we discuss three designers that have taken serious initiative when it comes to sustainability:


Stella McCartney

  First on our list, Stella McCartney, is the quintessential combination of environmentally-conscious and chic.  While the label terms itself a “vegetarian,” utilizing faux leather, recycled materials and organic cotton in its production, visually no sacrifice is made.   The efforts extend far beyond the products themselves, however.  All UK-based office and stores are entirely wind powered and the remainder use LED lighting, wood flooring from sustainably-managed forests, and FSC certified paper and packaging.



  Armani has expressed their efforts towards a sustainable supply chain for some time how.  However, it is more recent news that has landed the label on our list. Starting with the Fall/Winter 2016 season, Armani has declared that they are discontinuing the use of furs in the production of their goods.   Not only does this direct attention towards the cruel practices associated with the fur trade, but it also demonstrates to other labels that a combination of compassion and creative freedom is, in fact, very much possible.


John Hardy

  Let’s not forget John Hardy.  The workshop in which his awe-inspiring designs are brought to life was crafted with the integrity of the surrounding environment in mind.  As a result, the space can actually be reverted back to rice fields in a matter of months.  If that doesn’t impress you enough, each John Hardy accessory uses 100% reclaimed gold and silver and ethically-sourced gemstones, and if you purchase from the Bamboo collection you'll contribute to the sowing of new Bamboo through Hardy's "Wear Bamboo, Plant Bamboo" program.


With sustainable labels such as Stella McCartney, Armani and John Hardy, it's becoming more accessible than ever to find pieces that are not only elegant but also ethically produced.  While even these labels themselves admit that no company can truly be 100% sustainable, their efforts are undeniably a step in the right direction.   Do environmental impacts affect your purchasing power? If so, which eco-friendly fashion designers are your favorite? 

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