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Why Are Louis Vuitton Bag Prices So Expensive?

May 23, 2016 2 min read

why is louis vuitton expensive||||||Why is Louis Vuitton Expensive
We get asked this question a lot: why are Louis Vuitton bag prices so high? Even a gently used Louis can command a generous sum. There really is a reason for it though, we promise. Without a doubt, the brand's heritage and legacy feed Vuitton's high prices, but it goes beyond that. The company has been honing its production practices, materials, and quality standards for over 150 years, and it has resulted in bags that are timeless and virtually indestructible. Here are a three factors that impact LV costs:    

#1: Where Louis Vuitton Bags are Made

All Vuitton workshops are located in Europe or the United States, and craftspeople are paid fairly for their skill sets... in other words, there are no sweatshops involved in production. Vuitton craftspeople complete over a year of training before working independently. Some special LV pieces require over 300 steps to produce, but the average is about 100 steps. Vuitton bags are made to last a lifetime, and the company operates repair centers all over the world. For a small fee, any worn part of the bag can be replaced for the entire life of the bag.    

#2: The Standards LV Uses When Selecting Materials and Crafting Bags

All skins, including Vachetta leather, are inspected for blemishes and imperfections before production begins. Many of Vuitton's exotic skins such as croc and python are burnished to a shine by hand using rolling agate stones. Vuitton's coated canvas products are made to be water repellent and stand up to extreme wear. In the final stages of production, top-stitching and edge-glazing are done by hand.    


#3: The Quality Control Process Vuitton Uses to Test New Bag Models


Louis Vuitton has an insane quality control process, employing a bevy of custom-made robotic machines that simulate extreme wear and tear. Zippers and closures are opened and closed more than 5,000 times, materials are exposed to UV light rays, and bags are dropped repeatedly for days on end with 7 pound weights inside. It may sound extreme, but these torture devices yield some of the most durable luxury goods on the market.    

Let us know: do you own an older Louis Vuitton bag? If so, which one and how long have you had it?

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