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The Handbag That Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

October 30, 2018 4 min read

The Handbag That Best Matches Your Zodiac Sign

One of the first questions you are always asked upon meeting someone new is, "When is your birthday?" or the infamous "What's your sign?". Your zodiac sign, or star sign, reflects the position of the sun when you were born. Said to have a strong influence on your personality traits, your sign can be a powerful tool in understanding yourself and your relationships in life. Since it's so close to Halloween it got us thinking, what handbag would represent our signs the best? Below, we went through each sign and searched for what bag may best compliment your zodiac sign!



Capricorn personality traits include independence, sophistication, and determination. Because they are also known for their practicality, a bag that can hold all of their daily needs plus a little more is perfect for them! Although they like to experiment sometimes, Capricorn's may even surprise themselves and choose a nice in-between bag. The Michael Kors Mercer Crossbody bag gives any Capricorn the pop of color she needs, while choosing a classic style that will always remain.




Described as original, creative, and eccentric, Aquarius is the out-of-the-box sign that always walks to the beat of their own drum. They generally like to stand out and don't care what anyone else thinks about them. The Aquarius woman loves her individuality and will stand alone if necessary to obtain it. This Fendi bag  is the ideal handbag for an Aquarius woman. 


Known for their water and fish sign, the Pisces woman loves a little texture in their wardrobe. This Jimmy Choo clutchcommands the spirit of a Pisces with its free flowing blue artistic design. With a strong and vibrant presence, any Pisces women would command attention with this beautifully designed bag. 


Eager and always on the run, an Aries woman is energetic. Because of their spontaneous lifestyle, they are in need of something that will give them easy access while still being bold and confident. This Louis Vuitton Art Deco Trapezio bag is ideal for on-the-go Aries woman. 


Taurus women are known for being chic, affectionate, and feminine. They will always opt for the quality over quantity aspect when deciding to buy a bag. A Taurus also doesn't mind spending money, as long as they know the item will be a true stylish investment for a lifetime! Our Tory Burch Juliette mini top handle bag is the perfect chic addition to a Taurus' growing collection.


If a Gemini woman is playful and lavish, what better way to show that than in this Chanel Boy Brick crossbody!? With their unpredictable and versatile ways, a Gemini woman can become a trendsetter all on her own. Characterized by the twins, this two-tone Chanel crossbody fits the description of a Gemini through and through. 



Highly feminine and always loyal, a Cancer woman needs something that can handle everything going on in her life. However, they are not into flashy fashion and want something that they can carry around everyday. This Hermes Etribelt belt bag adds a pop of creative color while still bringing a sense of compassion to their everyday life. 


A Leo woman loves to be bold and stand out! This Chanel Label Click small crossbody is perfect for a spirited Leo women. Leo women don't have to put forth a lot of effort to get attention and are always fierce and confident. What better way to stand out than with a red Chanel bag?


Simple, sweet, and to the point, Virgos are always in style and elegant at all times! Handbag styles that have enough interior space and are flawlessly proportioned like this Chanel medium tote bag are ideal for any Virgo. With the characteristics of being practical and loyal, an ideal handbag for a Virgo would be a spacious tote!


Balance is the main characteristic of a Libra women! She loves to be gracious, fair-minded, and is always charming. The best way to balance a Libra's lifestyle is a handbag that is durable. This helps her keep up with her everyday life and is just as beautiful as she is! This Louis Vuitton vintage Chelsea tote balances all the daily needs of a Libra woman.


Scorpio women are very passionate and intense with everything they do in life. This Louis Vuitton Alma GM bag is the ideal luxury item to make any woman feel their best, especially a Scorpio! With their closet already filled with black ensembles, this bag would be the perfect addition to any Scorpio closet. 


A Sagittarius woman is adventurous and will never allow herself to not be dressed up when going out. With their optimistic, funny, and generous personality, a Sag women is never complete without a unique handbag. This Coach City Zip Space tote is the ultimate bag for them!

Is your sign handbag your new favorite? What other characteristics have your learned about your zodiac sign? 

Let us know in the comments!

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