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Which Shoe Style Should Every Woman Own?

October 03, 2017 4 min read

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There’s a Cinderella in every one of us. In our fabulous fashion lives, she is this inner voice that tells us we need more than one pair of glass slippers. And all too often, we happily oblige and collect every shoe style that happens to call us by name.   Aside from plain obsession, there’s a practical reason for the intentional hoarding. Simply put, different occasions call for different types of shoes. So it begs the question: If a woman truly needs more than one pair of shoes, which shoe style does she really need?   shoes   Whether you plan to make some fashion investments or simply running out of closet space so streamlining your shoe collection is inevitable, you may want to check out these six shoe styles every woman should own.  

Pointed Pumps

  There is no doubt that, other than diamonds, shoes are a woman’s best friend. If there’s one shoe style a modern-day, working sophisticate can’t seem to live without, it’s her pair of pointed pumps. The main appeal of these ultra-feminine shoes is their versatility. A good pair of pumps can be dressed up with a power suit to convey a lady boss image in an instant. Or, it can be dressed down with a pair of skinny jeans for laidback weekends when a casual dress code is in order, but looking slouchy is not.   shoe style   While it’s always best to invest in neutral colors like nude and black when it comes to pumps as they can offer you the most mileage in terms of the number of times you can easily wear them, unexpected colors always add a stylish pop to neutral ensemble. Case in point, Prada’s pointed pumps in gradient pink.  

Ankle-Strap Wedges

  Italian shoemaker, Salvatore Ferragamo, created wedges as a way to meet the high demand for heels while filling in the short supply of steel (used to reinforce heels) during World War II. His solution to the problem was ingenious---fill in the heels with cork---and so the wedge was born!   wedge shoe style   Having a pair of ankle-strap wedge in your collection ensures that you always have the option when you need added elevation, but require better support than skinny heels. Don’t fall into the misconception that wedges are style-restricted---they are actually very versatile. For one, these Jimmy Choo strappy wedges, whether in earth-tone color or basic black with studs, can be worn with long, flowing dresses for a bohemian look or paired with a pleated skirt to make it appropriate on casual Fridays at work.  

Ballet Flats

  In the wonderful world of shoes, ballet flats are its “little black dress”---the ultimate go-to shoe style for most women. There's no surprise here---this shoe style can be extremely stylish, without sacrificing comfort. Ballet flats have an interesting history, starting with its first appearance in the 1680s at the Royal Academy of Dance in France. The first-ever ballerina shoes were actually not flat, but designed with heels.   flats shoe style   Eventually, cinematic stars like Brigitte Bardot who wore red ballet flats in the movie "And God Created Woman" and Audrey Hepburn who wore a black pair in "Funny Face," helped elevate ballerina flats into the quintessential run-around shoes of the modern-day woman.  

Sleek Ankle Boots

  Want to infuse a little dose of modern edge to your look? Wear ankle boots! Every woman needs at least one pair of ankle boots to kick up an outfit a notch. After all, nothing gives instant “rocker vibe” than a pair of ankle boots, where it’s Stuart Weitzman’s black boots with a glitter detail or Christian Louboutin’s fringed and edgy boots.   ankle boots shoe style  

Short-Stacked Heels

  Yes, the short-stacked heels are making a comeback! Highly popular in the 90s, this shoe style is understandably gaining popularity again for its comfort factor.   Chanel sandals shoe style   Short-stacked heels offer just the right height to allow you to wear them comfortably to work or while out and about with friends, but can also be stylish when paired with the right fashion items. Whether you are keeping it very laidback, like this Chanel strappy sandal in tweed, or stealing the scene with a pair of animal-print shoes by Stuart Weitzman, there’s always the right pair for you!  

Tall Boots

  There is no question, every woman needs at least one pair of tall boots. While clearly best suited for fall and winter, this shoe style adds a certain polished sophistication to any look---whether that’s with a dress, pencil skirt or denim jeans.   high boots shoe style   While it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of basic equestrian tall boots, like these Stuart Weitzman boots with side fringe, several footwear designers, including Jimmy Choo, have creatively given this shoe style an edgier appeal, whether with studs or an open-toe design.   Have you checked your shoe collection lately? How many shoes do you have and which ones are your go-to pairs?    

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