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10 Things You Didn't Know about David Yurman

July 27, 2016 2 min read

yurman cable bracelets

In the world of fine jewelry, David Yurman has reached icon status. The company is family-owned and run with three people at the helm: David, his wife Sybil, and their son Evan. Though they are all artists, David's background in sculpture paved the way for the brand's key styles.  


How the Cable Motif Shot Yurman to Stardom

David Yurman made jewelry for over twenty years before stumbling upon the cable motif. As with all of his designs, it started with a sketch. At home in New York City, cable appeared to him at every turn. He saw it in nature and in architecture, and it came to represent a sense of strength and of the infinite. David knew he had something special when he made his first cable piece. David and Sybil showed it to a retail buyer, and a huge order was promptly placed. The cable-twisted pieces sold like crazy and the rest is history.  


Here are 10 more facts you may not have known about David Yurman and his cable bracelets:

1. David Yurman was the first major jeweler to combine sterling silver with diamonds.

2. He didn't become enormously successful until he was in his forties.

3. The Yurmans purchased a $17 million townhouse in Greenwich Village in 2015.

4. They also own a 9,000+ square foot penthouse near their corporate headquarters in Tribeca.

5. After the Yurmans got married in the early 1980s, they left the ceremony and went straight to a meeting to sell their company. The buyer didn't offer them enough so they walked away.

6. David and his son Evan are both motorcycle enthusiasts, and they recently listed a luxury bike for sale for $48,000. It is rare because its made from super-strong forged carbon, as opposed to steel.

7. Evan Yurman is married to director/cinematographer Ku-Ling Siegel.

8. David Yurman scented resin pinky rings debuted in 2015, and included scents like black licorice and bubble gum. Scented rings were also worn in the 18th century as novelty pieces.

9. When he was in high school, David Yurman used to sell his handmade small sculptures in the cafeteria during lunch.

10. David and Sybil Yurman were both born and raised near New York City, they both went to the same coffee shop every day, and they both went to California to live on communes. Despite the fact that their lives had so many parallels, they didn't meet until after they returned to NYC later in their 20s.  

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