Are Logo Handbags On The Way Out?

| By: Alex Camille Admin

Are Logo Handbags On The Way Out?

Are logo handbags dead? Are Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas and Gucci Signature canvas things of the past? The question of whether or not they're still relevant has been floating around for a while, and you can probably guess our opinion.   We'll always love our LV and GG covered bags. They have heritage, unmistakable panache, and gorgeous craftsmanship. Our customer data tells us that we're not alone, and logo handbags continue to sell. However, we've seen some industry statistics showing that the days of mid-priced logo handbags (like Michael Kors) are over.   It wasn't so long ago that the MK logo was everywhere. For that matter, so was Coach's C-emblazoned Signature canvas. But these mid-priced brands' newer styles are turning away from logos in favor of solid color leather and saffiano leather. What's changing the face of the logo handbag market?  



In a nutshell, change is coming from millennials and individualistic fashion. Look on Who What Wear and The Sartorialist, and you'll see a seismic shift in the ways people dress. Street fashion pics depict thrift store finds worn with Chanel bags, jeans distressed every which way, and a bevy of deconstructed silhouettes. Mid-priced logo handbags don't fit anywhere in this picture. Heritage logos from brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci most certainly do, but how?   Because of their histories, LV and GG logos have automatic elite statuses. There will always be customers for what heritage brands have to offer. When you carry an LV Speedy, it has a way of making you magically feel pulled together. For this reason logo handbags will always have their places in fashion. They are instantly recognizable and total fashion classics, but can they be freshened up a bit?  



Absolutely! Millennials are proving that there's room for reinterpretations of these logo classics, and that they can be worn in playful ways. Whether paired with cut-off jeans or adorned with stickers, logo-emblazoned bags can be styled in ways that breathe new life into them. We love the lighthearted ways that traditional designer bags are being worn now, and hope this millennial-inspired individualism continues... we have a hunch it will.  


Let us know! Do you think logo handbags are fading? What do you think of how they're being worn in street fashion?

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