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A Quick Guide To Popular Chanel Materials

March 01, 2018 2 min read

For the last century, generations of fashionistas have swooned over the luxury staple that is the Chanel bag. Aside from it's alluring timeless design, Chanel bags offer the benefits of unprecedented precision and craftsmanship, using only the finest materials. Although Chanel has been known to use a wide variety of fine leathers and fabrics for their various collections, each material offers a very distinct texture and aesthetic that makes each Chanel piece different from the next. So whether in the mood for polished patent Classic Flap or a funky Tweed tote, to help navigate your way to finding your perfect Chanel bag, the Couture Team has put together a quick guide to popular Chanel materials!

Lambskin Leather

-First used by Gabriel Coco Chanel in the 1960’s. -One of the first non-fabric materials to be used in Chanel production. -Often acclaimed for its soft, buttery texture, lambskin is considered to be one of   Chanel’s more luxurious and highly sought-after materials. -Most commonly found on Classic Flap bags in a quilted design, but has also been used for wallets, accessories, and shoes.

Caviar Leather



-Grained calfskin leather that offers an embossed pebbled texture. -First introduced by Chanel in the 1990’s by Karl Lagerfeld. -A structured leather material often prized for it's durability and scratch resistance.

Patent Leather



-Glossy coated calfskin leather first used by Chanel in the 1980’s. -Most of Chanel's early patent leather handbags were crafted in black patent leather with gold-tone hardware. -Patent is the third leather option available on most items from the Classic collection, along with lambskin and Caviar leather.

Calfskin Leather


-Produced using pristine, carefully selected cowhide -Chanel commonly uses 3 different types of Calfskin textures including 1. Pebbled Calfskin: Grainy in appearance, often compared to Caviar leather, and commonly found on Chanel luggage and large bags. 2. Aged Calfskin(Pictured above): Most commonly used for the Reissue collection, less structured, and often noted as having a more distressed appearance. 3. Smooth Calfskin: Commonly used for the Chanel Boy Bag. Smooth Calfskin leather's appearance is often compared to lambskin leather.

Tweed Fabric


-Chanel's tweed is crafted from various types of yarns woven together that create a funky, unique texture. No two Chanel tweed pieces will be exactly the same! -First introduced by Coco Chanel in 1924. -Non-yarn materials like silk and cotton were first incorporated into Chanel tweed in the 1930’s.     Do you have a favorite Chanel material?Share with us in the comment's below and shop all of your favorite Chanel materials and styles here!

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