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Ten Surprising Facts About Hermes

January 09, 2018 3 min read

As one of the most luxurious and exclusive fashion houses in the world, Hermes tends to attract clients of the upmost status who just can't seem to get enough of the brand's classic design and unprecedented craftsmanship. As you patiently wait for a Birkin to magically appear on your doorstep, brush up on your brand knowledge with ten surprising facts about Hermes!  

1. It Didn't Start With The Bag.

It may come as a surprise that the Hermes fashion house has a history that extends far beyond the handbag that leaves us doing a double take every time we think we've spotted one in the grocery store. Hermes originally rose to fame in the early 1800's as a high-end harness and saddle maker that catered to the creme de la creme of the European elite. The Hermes horse and carriage logo remains emblematic of the brand's cultured foundation.  

2. They're An E-Commerce Pioneer.

Hermes was one of the first luxury fashion houses to dabble in the world of online shopping in launching it's e-commerce site in 2001.  

3. The First Bag Was Created in the Name of Love.

The first Hermes bag was crafted in 1922 by heir Emile-Maurice himself. The creation of the piece was in response to his wife's frustration from struggling to find the perfect handbag. Talk about marriage goals!   

4. The Thread-Count On Their Scarves Is Literally Out Of This World.

The amount of thread needed to make 1000 Hermes scarves stretches a length equaling the distance between the Earth and the Moon!  

5. The Birkin Was Almost Not The Birkin.

In 2015, Hermes came under fire from PETA over accusations made of poor and inhumane treatment of the crocodiles used to create the legendary Birkin bag. The heat of the scandal even led Jane Birkin to request the removal of her the last name from the piece. Relax fashionistas, PETA and Hermes eventually settled for a small buy-in agreement that granted PETA access to the brand's annual ethics meetings, and the Birkin name remains in all of it's immaculate and fabulous glory.  

6. The Orange Box Is An Accidental Icon.

For the handbag obsessed, there is nothing more satisfying than the sight of a bright orange box with brown ribbon. Believe it or not bag-lovers, it was only after World War II when Hermes was experiencing shortfall in the materials used to make the original cream-colored boxes did they decide to make the switch to using the orange folded box method that seems to have made a very lasting impression.


7. You Really Can't Rush Perfection.

The reason you might still be waiting for that Birkin bag to arrive at your door could be because each bag takes about 48 hours to make!  

8. It's All In The Tools

When it comes to being properly equipped to whip up a Birkin or a Kelly, one set of tools does NOT fit all. Hermes artisans are given their very own personalized set of tools that they typically carry on with them all the way to retirement.  

9. Luxury Continues To Run In The Family

After 180 years in business the Hermes family continues to hold the reins on the brand's operations, with current artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas being a sixth generation member of the Hermes family.  

10. They Hold A Record Breaking Price Tag

We're all aware of the hefty price tag that follows behind the Hermes name, but how expensive can these bags actually get? well, the most expensive Hermes bag is a white Himalaya Birkin composed of crocodile, solid 18K gold hardware, and 240 diamonds. This rare investment piece was sold in June 2017 to an auction buyer out of Hong Kong for a grand total $379,261, holding the current record for the most expensive bag in the world.

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